• Gula Melts (Coconut Nectar Sugar)
    Gula Melts Coconut Nectar is made from the Malaysian coconut palm.
  • Celebrate Health
    Celebrate health is for the next generation of people that are healthy and committed to eating delicious food that fits perfectly within their health requirements.
  • Pukka Tea
    Some of the Pukka teas contain organic essential oil granules, labelled on the tea box as ‘essential oil flavours’. To create these granules, the essential oils are processed using a base that contains organic sugar, organic malto-dextrin, organic gum arabic and organic lecithin.
  • Alfez Maple Vine Leaves
    Stuffed Vine Leaves (or Dolmades as they are called in Greece) are a traditional vegetarian dish served as a started or as part of a Mezze platter. The young Vine Leaves are stuffed with a delicious filling of rice and herbs such as dill & mint.
  • Isens Maple Butter
    Refined, fragrant and delicate this butter contains all the fineness of pure maple syrup. It has no preservatives, no artificial flavours, no artificial colours, and no added sugar in it.
  • Little Bellies
    Go on a safari adventure with our Little Bellies Animal Biscuits. Made with the finest organic ingredients and sweetened only with grape juice, these wholegrain biscuits will entertain even the fussiest little bellies/ fun snacks with no hidden nasties.
  • Natufoodies
    Baked with only natural ingredients till light and crispy. Healthy finger food made from brown rice and corn, with green peas/lightly coated with apple juice and banana. These melt-in-your-mouth sticks encourages your little ones to enjoy eating while learning to pick up and self-feed.
  • Happy Baby Teethers
    The perfect first snack for Baby’s developing gums, our easily dissolving, organic teething wafers soothe and delight. They’re made with jasmine rice flour, a touch of organic fruits and vegetables, and contain no artificial flavours for truly happy smiles.
  • Organic Coconut Vinegar
    Rainforest Herbs Organic Coconut Vinegar uses a modern adaptation of a traditional process that starts with fresh mature organic coconut water that is slowly fermented over the course of 10 months. This premium quality coconut vinegar with a mild acidity with a more acceptable taste.


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