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October 14, 2019

Nestle Milkybar Halloween Figures Ps 19.5g

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Treat yourself with this great creamy tasting, smooth white chocolate, hollow Halloween figure. The Nestle Milkybar chocolate is perfect for sharing at Halloween. Available in 4 spooky designs in store now!

Brooklyn Lager/ East IPA Craft Beer 355ml

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Craft beer culture have been an upcoming trend that is the new talk of the town. Brooklyn Lager/ East IPA Craft Beer 355ml is a clean drinkable IPS that is packed with flavour and offers a bold balance. It offers a blend of tradition and exuberance sets the standard of hop driven deliciousness.

Dairyworks Edam/ Tasty Cheese Sticks 200g

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Tasty Natural Cheese Sticks are the perfect way to give kids a nutritious snack that they will love & actually eat. 1 packet contains 10 sticks that is gluten free, has no artificial colors or flavoring, suitable for vegetarians & is halal certified.