JULY, 2017

5 Quick And Easy Kitchen Life Hacks


1. Clean coffee grinder: Did you know that your coffee grinder not only grinds coffee beans but it can also grind dry spices or even turn bread into crumbs? In case you are worried of the dry spices tasting like coffee beans, all you’ll need is a handful of uncooked rice and toss it in the grinder. Grind up the rice into fine powder. Once it’s done, wipe down the grinder using damp towel and VOILA!

Mason jar as blender pitcher: Want to make a quick smoothie on the go without needing to wash dishes? You can actually use mason jar as your blender pitcher! It’s so cool and you can just blend and go.


2. Easier way to juice your lemon: All you’ll need to do is to microwave the lemon for 15 seconds and it will make your life a thousand times easier juicing the lemon. Now who wants some lemonade?

Prevent from slipping: SIMPLE! You can put a damp cloth under the chopping board or you can try using a non-slip rug mat. It will prevent it from slipping while you are cutting anything.

5. Homemade potato wedges: Too lazy to go out and buy ready-made fries? You can use your apple slicer to cut your potatoes. Bake in the oven and you’ll have your own home-made fries in no time.

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