8 Hours Slow Roast Herbs Crusted Beef Ribs


Spice up your Christmas dinner 

Serves: 4 | Prep Time: 20 min | Cooking Time: 8 hours


You Will Need

Beef Ribs:

Beef Ribs        3kg

Garlic         50g

Cajun Spice        5g

Thyme        2g

Rosemary         2g

Olive Oil       150g

Salt         2 teaspoons

Black Pepper       2 teaspoons


Crusted Top: 

Bread crumbs       80g

Thyme, chopped       5g

Rosemary, chopped      5g 

Clarified butter      50g




1. Preheat oven at 100°C .

2.Pat dry the beef ribs with kitchen towel. Combine garlic, Cajun spice, thyme, rosemary, olive oil, salt and black pepper. Marinate and rub it evenly all over the beef rib.

3. Place the beef ribs at baking tray. Roast the beef for 8 hours at 100°C.



1. Mix well the bread crumbs, thyme, rosemary and butter in a bowl.

2. Layer the crusts on the beef ribs when the beef is cooked.

3. Continue the bake until the crusted top turns golden brown.

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Pumpkins, Mushroom & Cranberry Tart


Do it yourself Sweet & savory Christmas Dessert .

Serves: 8-10  | Prep Time: 15 min | Cooking Time: 50 min


You Will Need


Fine Flour         550 g

Butter         15g

Salt           1/2 teaspoons

Water            20 tablespoons



Pumpkins         500g

Portobello         500g

Cranberry Fresh        300g

Garlic        25g

Olive Oil         200g

Fresh Thyme        3g

Italian Parsley         10g

Feta Cheese         100g

Salt         as needed

Black Pepper        as needed




1. Combine the flour and salt, in a bowl. Add the butter, mixing it in thoroughly. The mixture should look like breadcrumbs.

2. Drizzle in the water, tossing as you go, until you’ve added enough water so that you can squeeze the dough together and it’s cohesive. It should hold together nicely; if it doesn’t, add a bit more water.

3. Shape each piece into a flattened ball, or wheel; they should look like big hockey pucks. Wrap in plastic, and refrigerate for 30 minutes.



1. Preheat the oven at 180c.

2. Heat the olive oil at pans, sauté garlic until golden brown. Add in pumpkin, portobello mushroom and thyme and mix well. Add in cranberry and stir for a good 5 minutes.

3. Season with salt and black pepper.

4. Roll the larger piece of dough into a 13″ circle (for the skillet), or 12″ circle (for the pie pan). Let the dough rest for 10 minutes; this will help prevent it from shrinking as it bakes. Gently settle it into the pan, be careful not to pull or stretch it.

5. Spoon the filling into the crust. Add Feta cheese and Italian parsley at top of the filling.

6. Bake for 20 minutes until it is cooked through. Leave it to cool to serve.


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Beers at B.I.G. From Around The World


October, 2018

What’s In Store

Beers at B.I.G. From Around The World

Alright beer-lovers; Oktoberfest is in full-swing and there’s going to be lots of meeting and mingling with strangers, so it’ll be well your worth to know a few talking points for conversations with fellow beerheads. Beginning with the basics, the four fundamental ingredients for brewing beers are yeast, malt, water, and hops. Hops are a cone-shaped flower that provide a refined spicy-bitter taste to beers that contain them. Beers are divided into two categories: the first is ale, which is fermented at high temperatures and carry fruity and floral notes, and the second is lager, fermented in a cooler, carrying lighter malt-flavoured notes.

Different brands craft their beers from variants of the basic four ingredients, along with a huge spectrum of their chosen additional ingredients such as juniper berries or even hemp to give each brand their individual tastes. When you see the words  ‘craft beer’, it simply refers to beer that is produced by an independent brewery of small to medium size. The process of fermenting and flavouring beer is indeed a tedious craft, with minute details such as temperature and air quality affecting a large part of a beer’s quality and taste. Now that you’re a little better informed, let’s hop on to what we’re drinking.

Australia: Foster’s
No doubt you’ve heard this name before – established in 1887 by William and Ralph Foster, this beer is enjoyed in more than 150 countries and is one of the many successful beer brands under Carlton United Breweries. The company uses only the choicest ‘Pride of Ringwood’ hops from Tasmania, Victoria, and Myaree (Melville City), brewing them with their secret yeast that delivers their signature crisp taste.

This iconic beer brand has been presided over by five generations of the Moortgat family, achieving monumental success from humble beginnings in 1871 Breendonk, Belgium. Their 90-day brewing process uses a quality blend of blond malt, Saaz Saaz and Styrian Golding hops, a special strain of Scottish yeast, and water from their brewery’s very own well. The name was coined after reactions to their original recipe brew spawned the phrase “This is the real Duvel (devil)”. You’d duvel to get a round in yourself.

United Kingdom: Fuller’s London Pride
A company with a noble history albeit with eyes always looking towards the future, Fuller’s London Pride is truly a quintessential London beer brewed under the watchful eye of their emblematic gold Griffin. Their famous ale is produced using four homegrown hop varieties, complemented by a trademark crystal malt. The malt flavours the ale with notes of sweet raisin, biscuit and dried-fruit, while the hops embellish with balanced bitterness and a piney herb flavouring. The name ‘London Pride’ was simply a suggestion made by a member of the public in the 1950s but holds up handsomely to this day.

German: Paulaner
Makers of classic Bavarian beer and proud partner of FC Bayern München, you’ll find this beer ubiquitous at all Oktoberfest parties. Paulaner Weissbier (white beer or wheat beer) is brewed in Munich under the great care and passion of Paulaner’s Bavarian brewmasters. The recipe was concocted in accordance with the Bavarian Purity Law, using a concentration of 50-70% wheat and a special yeast that lends the beer its refreshing fruity flavour. High standards and good old fashioned brewing has made this beer a global favourite.

Japan: Sapporo

Japan’s oldest brand of beer, Sapporo has been churning out quality biru (beer) since 1876, and are amongst the top Japanese beer brands along with Kirin, Suntory, Asahi, and Orion. Like most Japanese beers, Sapporos are lighter than German beers, and the company takes immense pride in their signature crisp, refreshing flavor and clean taste. Lagers have a mass appeal due to their lightness and suitability to most kinds of food, and this beer is no exception. If you’re cracking open a can of biru, do it local Jap style by munching on something hijau like edamame.

Knowing more about your beers goes a long way in adding to their enjoyment, as you are better prepared on what flavours to expect while appreciating their rich history. Find these and more in the beer section at B.I.G., and as always, drink responsibly!

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Foods That Pair Well With Beer


October, 2018

What’s In Store

Foods That Pair Well With Beer

Oktoberfest is one of the world’s liveliest celebrations and has been adopted (as well as adapted) by many countries around the world. Here in Malaysia, whether you’re clinking glasses with strangers at an event or partying at home with friends, all it takes is a selection of fine beers and good food to get into the spirit of the festival. Apart from the usual suspects that you’ll find at Oktoberfest eg. wiener schnitzel, wursti (sausages), brezen (pretzels), and sauerkraut, here are some of our favourite foods that pair well with beer:

Cheese Pizza

Cheese isn’t only divine when paired with wine, it’s just as good with beer! Some cheese enthusiasts even claim that is goes better with beer as the tannins found in wine can complicate the process of matching flavours. You can try pairing different cheeses with different beers, but we say throw them all on a pizza and enjoy succulent bites with your favourite brew at Grocer’s Kitchen.

Korean Fried Chicken
This will come as no surprise, it’s a great crowd favourite and matches perfectly with any classic beer. A Japanese variant would be a glorious serving of Tori Karaage – the oil of the fried chicken is washed down expertly by the bitter-sweet crispness of beer. To prepare at home, try Rasa Malaysia’s righteous recipe.

Fish Tacos

Don’t let chicken have all the fun, get some fried fish in the mix as well. Regular fried fish n’ chips make a classic pair with beer as we know, but we prefer the tangy goodness that comes with a Mexican taco. They pair particularly well with lager beers – You can get these delicious Tacos from Grocer’s Kitchen, menu here.

Chicken Curry

It’s about time to bring a cheeky twist to Mum’s chicken curry – pairing the spiciness of the curry with a flavoured beer such as a spicy pale ale will bring a whole new level to enjoying home–cooked food. Click here for a quintessential chicken curry recipe, and don’t forget to share!

Mutton Varuval

The pairing of Mutton Varuval with beer has become commonplace in many Malaysian bars, and there is no doubt why. Intense spices meets the light sweetness of a (preferably) wheat beer making it a feast for the senses. If you’re gonna do it well, do it varuval.   

Tandoori Chicken

We love pairing tender pieces of hot chicken from the tandoor with the smoky flavours of dark beers, such as stout. Stouts have a unique smooth flavour with hints of coffee/mocha that seem to dance along handsomely with charred chicken, and that includes any of its variants such as Chicken Tikka. Try this once and you’ll have it naan-stop.

Have a great Oktoberfest, and don’t forget to drop by B.I.G. to check out our stock of beers from around the world, as well as to gather all you need to prepare the dishes above. For more recipes visit www.big.com.my/recipes. Cheers and drink responsibly!

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Unique Mooncakes At B.I.G.’s Mid-Autumn Fest


September, 2018
Unique Mooncakes At B.I.G.’s Mid-Autumn Fest
We’re rubbing our hands together with glee at the thought of indulging in chatty catch-ups over mooncakes and tea. With the Mid-Autumn Festival,around the corner, we’ve stocked up on all varieties of mooncakes for you and the family to indulge. While we adore classic traditional mooncakes, here’s a little taste of our featured products that offer bold and unique renditions of this festive delight.
1. Setapak Teochew Yam Paste Mooncake
This landmark restaurant has proudly been serving up Teochew dishes since 1912, with customers still flocking over for their famous mooncakes and a scrumptious meal. These yam mooncakes have a pastry-like outer-skin and are a yummy and healthier alternative to traditional lotus seed paste mooncakes.
2. JDX Black Tea Hokkaido Milk & Snowy Bird Nest Custard Mooncakes
Jiu Ding Xiang (JDX) has built a formidable reputation as the go-to supplier of Chinese tea for over 1500 restaurants in Malaysia – a long way from the humble beginnings of Mr Jong Yew Hock and Madam Choo Yeong Lin delivering boxes of tea leaves to the community in a yellow van. With the help of a dedicated research team, the company constantly seeks ways to reinvent the quality and flavours of their tea, and they offer a unique mooncake range made with fresh tea extracts. We guaran-tea you’ll enjoy their distinctive flavour
3. MX Lava Custard Mooncakes & Snow Skin D24 Premium Durian
These highly-anticipated treats are made by Hong Kong based, a prominent food & beverage company comprising of a diverse range of eateries and festive products. Their award-winning mooncakes come in many flavours and are in high-demand, especially during the festive season. Durian-lovers can now rejoice and savour their rich D24 Premium Durian mooncakes, but the Lava Custard mooncake with its luscious custard centre is no slouch either.
4. Casahana Nasi Lemak Mooncake
Everyone’s favourite halal mooncake is back! Casahana is a key brand of HYT Food Industries that specializes in oriental pastries and mooncakes which have garnered a loyal fan following over the years. Their Nasi Lemak Mooncake is a popular favourite and for good reason – the balance of spicy sambal with lotus seed paste infused with sweet coconut milk really takes the cake (literally). Needless to say, it is a must-try.
Get your hands on these beauties while they’re available! It’s all happening at B.I.G.’s Mid-Autumn Festival until 24th September. Check out fair activities at https://big.com.my/latest
Experience a complete grocery adventure through our impressive array of ingredients and gourmet products at Ben’s Independent Grocer today!

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