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Love Earth Brand Story

Three founders of Love Earth came from different education backgrounds but there’s one thing that strongly binds Natasha, Samantha and Jason, is their love for life and nature. Behind this passion, there’s a bigger why for Natasha and Samantha. Both sisters have lost their mother at a young age due to cancer. That’s when they realized, living a healthy lifestyle is not a trend but a practice and that’s how Love Earth was born.

Starting a business is not a smooth sailing process. During the startup phase, three of them handle everything from sourcing, packaging, sales, marketing all the way to design and labeling. Three of them agreed to take only RM1000 every month as salary for the first 3 years.

It was tough and difficult process, but they never give up. Each time they want to surrender, they will remind themselves why they started in the first place. Now Love Earth has marked its 11th anniversary and many milestones have been achieved. With a big WHY and great passion, these 3 musketeers have opened doors for people to eat better, live better.


New Happenings –  B.I.G. Showcase with Love Earth!
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