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Lisette Scheers of Nala Designs shares the inspiration behind her latest collaboration with B.I.G.

This time of the year always calls for self-reflection and the recounting of our journey and memories thus far. Though it may not be different for Lisette Scheers, the founder of lifestyle brand Nala Designs, she found herself travelling further back into her memories and recollections to dream up two special designs for her creative collaboration with B.I.G..

Known for her vibrant use of colour and patterns, Scheers designed two new shopping bags (which are now available in-store and online) in a similar fashion, though her inspiration stemmed from a personal pop culture preference and an age-old ritual.

The first design, Captain Kirk, was inspired by a silkscreen print on a vintage glass from the ‘70s in which, as Scheers recalls, water and teh tarik used to be served when you went to your auntie’s house. That’s not all, however.

“I happen to be a fan of Star Trek and anything science fiction, and as this print reminded me of Captain Kirk, I named it after him,” she reveals, adding that she has a huge collection of these glasses — which became the source of inspiration for her Summer 2020 “Sirap Susu” collection.

The second design under the Nala Designs x B.I.G. collaboration is of Scheer’s favourite Malaysian traditions — mandi bunga. Though this print is a summary of all the flowers that Scheers ever drew (including those from previous and various collections), it is one that commemorates the lovely tradition of mandi bunga. 

It is, in fact, very apt at the moment as the year draws to an end, as mandi bunga was an old tradition that was carried out to start one’s year well or to uplift the spirits. Perhaps this bag would serve as a pretty reminder for you to do just that.

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