B.I.G. X Sangla Foods Showcase

Sangla Foods has landed at B.I.G. Publika!

Why choose Kintry and 137 degrees?

Kintry elevates snacking with imported butter, offering healthier, premium snacks without trans fats or artificial additives. As you savor Kintry’s seriously sedap snacks, they will indulge you in a world of flavour, crunch, and joy that will brighten your day, one bite at a time!

137 degrees, are the no.1 premium plant-based milk with zero additives and preservatives – Just Like Homemade. And they are made with real ingredients only!

New Happenings – B.I.G.’s Showcase with Sangla Foods!
Check out our unique space in Publika where we invite famous local brands to showcase their best products! That’s not all, don’t miss exclusive offers available EXCLUSIVELY at B.I.G. Showcase in Publika.


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