One Less Plastic Bag a Day for a Better Future

It is estimated Malaysia produces 0.94 million tonnes of mismanaged plastic wastes/year & 15% – 40% of the waste gets drifted to the ocean. (Kementerian Alam Sekitar dan Air)

Without intervention, plastic wastes are expected to outweigh fish and other marine life in our oceans. We have a role to play to curb plastic pollutions and create a better future for us and every other living organism on our planet.

Simply ditch the plastic produce bags and start using reusable mesh produce bags when you shop for your fruits and vegetables at our stores.

In conjunction with #WorldEnvironmentDay 2021 celebration, we are giving away 1 pack of Mesh Cotton Produce Bag for FREE, when you spend a minimum of RM250 in our stores. Plus, you will get 20 Bites points every time you bring your reusable produce bag.

Additional Points for BITES Members

To foster a more sustainable way of shopping and further reduce single-use plastics, we are rewarding BITES members with 20 BITES points when they bring and use their reusable produce bags for your fresh produce.

If you are not a member yet, download the app now on Apple and Android and sign up to start enjoying great benefits!

About The Food Purveyor Plastic Free by 2023:

In January 2020, we launched our “Plastic Free by 2023” pledge to eradicate our introduced single-use plastic from our Retail operations. Today we have already made great strides to reduce plastic packaging around our produce, have replaced the plastic with organic equivalents for meat and fish trays, and are on course for ceasing single-use plastic bags in B.I.G. and Village Grocer saving the dispersion of over 20 million single-use plastic bags a year

About The Food Purveyor Environment, Sustainability and Governance (ESG) Goals:

Committed to a Better Future

The Food Purveyor is committed to supporting environmental sustainability, social responsibility and effective corporate governance in all that we do. We take these responsibilities seriously and our commitment exhibits through the 3 impact goals that guide us in how we conduct our business whilst giving back to the community and environment we operate in.

Impact Goal 1: Reduce Single-use Packaging

Impact Goal 2: Reduce Food Waste

Impact Goal 3: Support Underserved and Vulnerable Communities


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