World of Food in B.I.G.

The lockdown hasn’t been easy for everyone; trust us, we know! With all travelling plans shelved for the past 2 years (!!), we can only imagine the travel itch everyone is going through. So, to ease the wanderlust, we are bringing the world closer to you instead! The World of Food fair is happening now at all B.I.G. stores near you!

For all our sanity sake, we have brought together an incredibly WIDE range of groceries from your favourite hotspots such as Australia, South Korea, Japan, the US, UK, France, and of course, yours truly, Malaysia! We have rib eye steaks flown in from Australia and instant ramens imported from South Korea to peaches from Japan and spreads from France. Basically, the entire world is in B.I.G. to satisfy your hunger.

Download the mailer (above) to see what deals are available and start planning your shopping today! You can also start shopping online via our Bites Shop and Lazada store

Check out some of the groceries below.


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