5 Home-Grown Products You Should Know About

Merdeka Day is approaching and we can almost taste the patriotic joy in the air, especially when we’re snacking on our favourite local products! Home-grown and proud of it, these artisanal creations are well on their way to building an international fanbase. Here are 5 (among the many) local products that are making a B.I.G. impact:


1. Nuts Enough

Nut-lovers ahoy! It’s not always easy to find a delicious nut spread, but we can vouch that these tasty nut butters will cashew by surprise. Nuts Enough produces healthy natural nut spreads that are vegan-friendly, heart-friendly, packed with vitamins and loaded with the goodness of plant-based proteins. Our favourite is the Maple Cinnamon Almond Spread which is so good that we’re nuts enough to eat it on its own. Check out their full range of products at www.nutsenough.comFB: @nutsenough IG: @nutsenough


2. Michelle’s Artisan Fruit Spread


From humble beginnings of making homemade jams without artificial preservatives for friends and family, these 100% natural fruit spreads have since amassed a loyal customer base who enjoy them with bread, pastries, and even as ice cream topping! Try their creative and flavourful combinations of Banana & Vanilla Bean, Papaya & Orange Peel, Pineapple & Passionfruit, and many more! Get yours and spread the good word.

Website: https://michellefruitjam.webs.com/ FB: Michelle’s Artisan Fruit Spread IG: @michelle.artisanfruitspread


3. Gula Melts


Gula Melts produces 100% natural Coconut Nectar & Coconut Nectar Sugar by boiling the sap of the coconut palm flower until it becomes a thick, sticky aromatic nectar. Its distinctive taste and myriad of health benefits has made it a popular alternative to conventional sweeteners in just about every kind of food and beverage we consume daily. Get some recipe ideas at their webpage: http://www.gulamelts.com (FB: @gulamelts IG: @gulamelts)


4. Huey n Wah’s Marshmallows

Who can say no to marshmallows? Not us, and especially not to these guilt-free treats from Huey & Wah. These guys take pride in creating fluffy gourmet marshmallows made from the finest ingredients without using artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives. Whether you like to melt them in hot chocolate or eat them on their own, enjoy pairing different flavours with your drinks and desserts! Read the FAQ section of their website for drink-pairing ideas: https://hueynwah.my/ FB: @hueynwah IG: @hueynwah

5. Pichacotti by Picha Project


Serving up delicious food for a noble cause – The Picha Project is a social enterprise that empowers marginalised groups in Malaysia by catering and delivering authentic traditional meals inspired by 5 different cultures (to date). Named after the son of the first refugee family taken under their wing, Pita (pronounced Pi-cha), this organisation harnesses and nurtures the cooking skills of refugee parents which in turn provides income opportunities to rebuild a new home and educate their children.

In line with their cause, you can buy jars of Pichacotti (biscotti) at B.I.G., available in 2 flavours – Cranberry & Almond and Chocolate Almond, made lovingly by Mona and Sakina (respectively), two mothers working towards a better life for their families. Lend your support and find out more at http://www.pichaproject.com/ FB: @thepichaproject IG: @thepichaproject


Go Local Lah at our Local Merdeka Fair (23rd August – 2nd September) and show some love for your local artisans! More details on fair happenings here https://bit.ly/BIGLatest    

Experience a complete grocery adventure through our impressive array of specialised ingredients and gourmet products at Ben’s Independent Grocer today!


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