5 Reasons Why Wine Is Good For You

If you’re in the company of wine aficionados and are not one yourself, you may feel a little out-of-place during the wine-ordering process in a fancy restaurant. With lots of wine jargon floating around, there’s much swirling, deep smelling, and aspirating going on alongside comments like “A hint of oak and peach” or “Gosh, what a bouquet!”. In an effort to fit in, we may exclaim ‘Very flavourful ah!’ and hope someone praises you for your observation. Scottish comedian Danny Bhoy joked that in a similar situation at a wine tasting, he simply sniffed the wine and said “Yummm…crushed grapes.”

The comforting fact is, it doesn’t matter if you’re not the best at identifying a particular flavour, grape type, vintage year, or winery – simply engulfing yourself in the experience of drinking a glass of wine can be highly enjoyable, either on its own or purposefully paired with a meal. There are a collection of health benefits to drinking wine that may spark your interest to learn more about different brands and their respective quality and taste. A good place to start would be our B.I.G. Oyster & Wine Fair happening from 4th – 10th November; but for now let us reveal some of the health benefits of drinking wine.

1. Wine Hearts You
Red wine has long been known to be heart healthy and here’s why – the tannins found in red wine contain procyanidins which are a type of antioxidant that protects against heart disease. It also raises the amount of HDL cholesterol (very good cholesterol) in our blood which helps regulate high blood pressure and keep it in check. Now you know why most wine establishments invite you to ‘wine-down’ with them. Pro tip: If you’re tired of tannins and tyramine giving you a headache every time you drink wine, opt for a white Pinot Grigio – it has much lower levels of these compounds are therefore more palatable.

2. The Long & Wineding Road
Regular wine drinkers who have 2-7 glasses per week have been found to have a 34% lower mortality rate than those who prefer beer or liquor. Researchers at Harvard Medical School found that the antioxidant compound ‘resveratrol’ in red wine has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, while helping reduce the amount of saturated fat accumulated in arteries. The antioxidants in grapes called ‘flavonoids’ can also protect your skin from the sun by reducing UV Ray damage to our skin.

3. Vino How To Control Our Sugar
Moderate drinkers of red wine will be pleased to know that they can enjoy a nightly glass without worrying about their sugar levels. The sugar-regulating aspect of wine has been shown to lower the risk of drinkers developing Type 2 Diabetes by 30%, and it is also safe for pre-existing diabetics! Just be mindful of not exceeding the recommended of dose of one glass daily.

4. Wineder Woman
Drinking wine has also been linked to preventing breast cancer in women. The chemicals found in the skin of red grapes cause a hormonal shift by reducing estrogen levels while increasing testosterone levels in premenopausal women. Caution is advised for those suffering from allergies as red wines contains histamines, but not to worry – if you’re prone to allergic reaction from wine, simply switch to white wine which has a much lower histamine content such as Sauvignon Blanc.

5. Wine-Wine Situation
Moderate wine-drinkers could also be protecting themselves against the onset of depression, as drinking wine can have a relaxing effect on the body. While too many glasses of wine is detrimental to the body and mind, moderate drinkers have been found to have a lower risk of suffering from brain-damaging diseases such as strokes and dementia. The very act of appreciating wine is referred to as ‘intelligent drinking’ because it involves our senses of smell, taste, and sight which is more likely to keep us grounded in the present moment while lifting our spirits.

Legendary wine critic Steven Spurrier once said “Wine is made to be drunk; if not everyday then it should at least be part of your life”. We wholeheartedly agree, and with a B.I.G. smile we can testify that enjoying wine has truly made us happier and more able to appreciate the finer things in life – but that may just be the wine talking.
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