6 Iconic Christmas Food & Drinks To Make At Home

Are you as excited about Christmas as we are? The Christmas season is heavily anticipated by people all of cultures and backgrounds because of the never ending parties, gatherings, wrap-ups, and catch-ups that go on well into the New Year.

Celebrating Christmas may have changed through the ages (Santa probably uses Google Maps now), but you can be sure that our favourite Christmas delicacies will be back as always to lift our spirits. We’ve picked six of the most iconic Christmas staples to kickstart your festive mood.

1. Roast Beef
You’ll know Christmas has truly arrived when the house is filled with the appetizing aroma of beef roasting in the oven. The tradition of having roast beef on celebratory occasions stems from the concept of Sunday Roast; a popular event during the reign of King Henry VII that consisted of roasted meat, roast potatoes and Yorkshire pudding. Despite its reputation of being a meal only the upper class could afford to enjoy, roast beef has become a staple on many Christmas tables during the 20th century.

If you opted to continue this age-old tradition, seek advice from your butcher on the best cut of beef for your roast. While we’ve chosen to use tenderloin for our recipe, cuts of sirloin and rib of beef work equally well. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty as you massage seasoning rub into the meat – as Jamie Oliver says, there’s no way to be polite about flavour! Treat the family with our Roast Beef Tenderloin with Garlic & Rosemary. Link to recipe: http://bit.ly/BIGRoastBeef

2. Pull Apart Bread
Having bread at Christmas will never be the same again! An immensely satisfying dish that is easy to make, pull apart bread is most popularly enjoyed as a garlic-flavoured loaf with pizza stuffing. We’ve prepared our own Christmas version of pull apart bread with brie cheese, cranberries and pecan nuts. We daresay you’ll have a good thyme making it: http://bit.ly/BIGRecipeXmasPullApartBread

3. Christmas Trifle
Widely regarded as one of the most elegant Christmas desserts, whipping up a trifle is quite an enjoyable process that culminates in several layers of creamy and fruity flavour. It is also a pleasantly versatile dessert, in that you can play around with different cakes and fruit layers according your preference. Nigella Lawson will tell you that a little booze-infused cream always helps too. We’ve prepared our own playfully festive Panettone and Mascarpone Trifle recipe – it’ll let your guests know that your dessert-making skills are not to be trifled with. Recipe here: http://bit.ly/BIGPanettoneTrifle

4. Fruitcake
Probably the most widely-recognized festive cake, we all look forward to having a slice of fruitcake with a hot drink during the Christmas season. This diverse delicacy actually dates back to Roman times, when it was commonly made with pomegranate, raisins and pine nuts. Over the ages it’s popularity spread across Europe, America and consequently the world over.

Here’s a recipe for Traditional English Fruitcake from The Spruce: http://bit.ly/BritishFruitcake. If you keep getting unfruitful results when trying to bake at home or prefer not to bake at all, simply pick up a ready-made Christmas Fruitcake from B.I.G. and enjoy with the family!

5. Eggnog
Though nog-eggxactly the drink for everybody, eggnog has long held a prominent place in the iconic Christmas list of must-haves. Originating from British Aristocracy, eggnog as we know it today is supposedly derived from an older drink called Posset, which contained hot milk, spices, and ale.

Like it or not, it has been called the ‘quintessential holiday drink’ and it’s definitely worth trying for your Christmas party. The most commonly used spirits are bourbon, rum and brandy, but you can try Food Network’s non-alcoholic version as well, found here http://bit.ly/NonalcoholicEggnog. For a classic Christmas Eggnog, have a go at this recipe from Epicurious: http://bit.ly/EpicEggnog.

6. Sangria
A drink that’ll evoke festive vibes no matter the weather, Sangrias are a spiced concoction of wine, fruits, herbs and liquor. We love having ours with cranberries and apples, but there are a myriad of other berries, citrus fruits and tropical fruits to choose from, so feel free to experiment! Check out our Christmas Sangria recipe here: http://bit.ly/BIGSangria.

We hope you have a glorious Christmas filled with tantalizing tastes and yuletide cheer! Be sure to come see us at B.I.G. and join in our celebrations. Every spend of RM 100 in a single receipt enables you to redeem our limited edition wrapping paper from our B.I.G. Helpdesk (available until 20th December, while stocks last).

We’ll be hosting the kids from Dignity For Children Foundation who will be Christmas Caroling for a good cause. See the full schedule here: http://bit.ly/BIGXmasCarols. We also invite you to show your support by taking part in ‘Wish Upon A Tree’, happening only at B.I.G. Publika & IPC Shopping Centre. Pick a card from the tree, make the written wish come true and bring the gift back to our B.I.G. Helpdesk. Leave the rest to our elves who will help Santa with the delivery.

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