9 Thanksgiving Hacks You’ll Be Thankful For

Thanksgiving is a time for elaborate meals and gatherings with loved ones, which for some of us means overwhelming pressure to cook a good spread, a race against time to prepare for a party, and yelling at the kids to not crowd the kitchen. If this resonates with you, fear not because we’re here to help alleviate some stress! There are always ways to cook quality meals and host a fun party by working smart. These are our 9 best hacks to help you keep the pressure in the pressure cooker.

1. Having Hard Copies Makes Things Easier
We highly recommend printing out recipes or writing them down neatly by hand on paper so they can be easily referred to when cooking a meal. Constantly checking mobile phones or tablets while trying to cook will invite many distractions from messages and calls, and even having a cookbook open may take up too much space. Recipes written on individual pages can be taped up on the wall or kitchen cabinet in front of you.

2. What’s On The Menu?
Taking some time to decide beforehand exactly what will be on the party menu will smoothen the process of cooking and keeps things organized. From your chosen menu, put together a grocery list with everything you need and try your best to stick to it. Many ideas will begin cooking in the midst of grabbing items from your shopping list, but stay resolute and shop only for the items you come for.

3. Slow & Steady Wins The Race
Slow-roasting your Thanksgiving turkey (or any other large bird) overnight on low heat not only gives a tender finish to the meat, it also frees up space in the oven for other dishes that you may want to make before the party.

4.Avoid Dicey Situations
Start slicing and dicing all your vegetables one or two days ahead of time in order to make cooking a breeze. You can choose to delegate this to an able-bodied member of the household, or simply enjoy the process and sort them into tupperwares by recipe (if needed). You could also take advantage of our Produce Butcher at B.I.G. IPC Shopping Centre to get all your fresh produce chopped and ready to go!

5. Wash Away Your Skins
Don’t bother washing by hand – pop potatoes and other sturdy root vegetables straight into the dishwasher! This works quite a charm and saves time and water. Just remember not to use soap!

6. Ice Saw It Coming
One of the most common problems encountered during any party is a shortage of ice! Prepare well for this by stocking up on store-bought ice in the freezer or with the help of cooler buckets and insulated bags such as our B.I.G. Cooler Bag. Line the cooler with aluminium foil and frozen ice packs to help keep the ice frozen longer. It is also a good idea to constantly add fresh ice to the cooler keep it cool. This will save you and your family the trouble of heading out mid-party when the ice runs out.

7. Warm Up Before The Big Game
On the flip side of keeping food cool, take advantage of thermos and insulated accessories to keep food warm! This is a great trick for sauces and gravies that tend to cool down too quickly. Our B.I.G. Cooler Bag works like a charm for this purpose too – simply wrap the bowl of gravy / soup in aluminium foil and store safely in the bag.

8. Scoop Before Ice Cream
A great idea for serving a big tub of ice cream is to have it all scooped up in the tub and stored in the freezer. Getting them ready beforehand will save lots of time, avoid any mess and keep the scoops solid for a longer time once served. Alternatively, you could buy individual tubs of ice cream but that may take up more space in the freezer than necessary.

9. Cut Out The Cutlery
Instead of dreading washing cutlery (which is also likely to go missing), try preparing as much food as possible that can be eaten on a skewer. Apart from saving you the trouble of buying forks and knives, it makes things much easier for those who want eat while standing up.

Drop by B.I.G. and stock up on all your Thanksgiving party needs for the big day. We hope these hacks will come in handy to smoothen the preparation process – check out our website for cool recipes and meal ideas at http://bit.ly/BIGRecipes. Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving from B.I.G.!

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