A Guide To Proper Wine & Cheese Pairing

Despite wine and cheese being a match made in heaven, you’d be surprised how many people choose to skim over this fact and enjoy them separately. If that’s you, it’s about time to flip the script because enjoying wine and cheese together makes a B.I.G. difference.

Much like wines, tasting cheese on its own beforehand gives you the best indication of texture; is it light, medium, or full-bodied? This is a simple guideline to inform your wine pairing, tailoring combos that best suit your palate and mood. For instance, you may want to pair a light cheese with a medium wine, or a full bodied cheese with a full bodied wine, and so on.

These pairings below are inspired by some of the world’s leading wine experts, but rest assured they’re not definitive – feel free to mix it up and experiment to your heart’s content.

Sauvignon Blanc & Goat Cheese (Chevre)

The acidity of sauvignon blanc cuts through the creaminess of goat cheese marvellously and brings out the subtle earthy, grassy flavours that often lie dormant in the cheese. To get the best flavour out of the wine, the bottle should be slightly chilled.

Chardonnay & Blue Cheese

A classic chardonnay carries fruity, crisp and oaky flavours that blend well with stinkier cheeses such as blue cheese. Tip: Avoid pairing blue cheese with red wine – the flavour combination is often unpleasantly bitter..  

Sparkling Wine / Champagne & Cheddar

Sparkling wines pair well with almost all types of cheese, but we find cheddar does a particularly good job of it. The bubbly acidity in a sparkling wine complements the creamy, fatty texture of cheddar perfectly. 

Pinot Noir & Washed Rind Cheese

The pungent flavours of soft washed rind cheese are best enjoyed with a wine that won’t overpower it, such as a classic pinot noir. While a chardonnay would do just as well, choosing a pinot made in the the same region of the cheese offers complementary earthy flavours and a richer experience. For eg., pair a slice of Bourgogne Epoisses with a glass of Bourgogne Pinot Noir.

Rosể & Gruyere

Rosểs possess a versatility that allow pairing with many cheese varieties, but the best combination may well be with mildly salty, semi-hard cheeses such as Swiss gruyere, or even goat’s milk cheese.

Cabernet Sauvignon & Gouda

The bold aromatic flavours of a cab sav are made even more enjoyable with a semi-soft buttery gouda. Aged gouda tends to have a mild sweetness to it that enhances the mix of flavours during tasting. It is a very gouda-idea to nibble on the rind of the cheese as well, because it houses a powerhouse of flavours that ought not to be overlooked.

While personalized pairings can vary widely, we hope you’ll find these suggestions useful for your very own wine & cheese savouring session. Drop by at our “Wine a Little, Laugh a Lot” fair for a vast selection of wines with Boozeit at Publika, IPC Shopping Centre, & DC Mall (2nd – 12 November 2018)! While you’re there, be sure to pick your favourite cheese from our vast selection of gourmet cheeses available. More details about fair goings-on at this link https://bit.ly/BIGLatest.

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