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As we all know Japan’s food takes time to prep and cook, but not many have the time for it, hence the instant version of many food has been then created and introduce to the society. Let’s say you can really lose time in a Japanese convenience store with it’s overwhelming choices and variety of instant product, from the packaging to the specialty of the products too.

Miso for example takes month & years to ferment but with new technology and packaging, Miso paste are now sold in stores, prepacked and ready to be used for making soup and so on. Bringing that umani flavor home.

Rice balls are a Japanese staple, we see it in movies, anime and restaurants too. The sticky short grain rice rolled into a ball and top with either bonito flakes or a mix of Japanese spices that brings the good balance of sweet & savory. Back in the days you need to spend time mixing the spices and seeds together but in this modern day everything is prepacked and all you need is to drop by our store to get them!

Even the famous Japanese ramen can be prepacked and kept in your pantry, not wasting time kneading the dough and hours of boiling the broth. Everything is quick and easy. Did you know that Japanese lifestyle and working behavior led to the growth of ready-to-eat meals?

 The world’s first instant noodle and cup noodles were invented in 1958 and 1971 respectively, by Momofuku Ando, founder of the famous brand, Nissin. Since then, companies have continuously experiment on more quick-and-easy-to-prepare meals that are usually single-served and doesn’t compromise on taste!

Be sure to visit the Japan Fair that is happening at all B.I.G. outlets now, from 16th July to 9th August 2020! Grab some of these instant ramens and start savouring the tasty treat from the land of the rising sun! Click here to learn more about the Japan Fair.

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