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We’re paying tribute to our favourite dairy-and plant-based milk products this June at our All About Milk Fair. In a highly competitive industry, these few brands have gone the extra mile to ensure their products are top-notch and differentiated from the rest. From sustainable farming to clean manufacturing, here are 5 in-season products to add to your grocery cart.

Nutty Bruce Organic Almond Coconut Milk

Nutty Bruce prides itself on creating a 100% natural range of plant-based milks, from almond milk to cashew and coconut. Their Organic Almond Coconut Milk is super creamy and delicious, the result of what they call an ‘activation’ process of soaking 100% whole organic almonds for 12 hours. The almonds are then blended with filtered water, organic coconut, organic brown rice syrup, and sea salt to bring you a nut-to-be-missed plant-based milk wonder.

Emmi Swiss Premium UHT Milk

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It’s very likely you’ve already been enjoying Emmi products for a while now. As Switzerland’s largest organic processor, Emmi is dedicated to providing absolute quality in each product that they manufacture from Greek yoghurts to fresh milk and Swiss cheese. Quality never goes out of style, which is why their Premium UHT (ultra-high temperature pasteurized) Milk is enjoyed by millions around the globe. Watch out for milk-stache!

Summerfield Susu Kurma

“Alamak, sold ou!’ – that’s probably what you’ll hear from shoppers trying to buy Malaysia’s own Summerfield Milk. Sourced mainly from Johor, Summerfield uses a unique Ozone Water Technology to perform a non-chemical bottle sterilization process, which evades any Hydrogen Peroxide content, Apart from sustainable manufacturing, they pride themselves on good, clean wholesome milk and even post up videos of their cows on Facebook. They use date paste to make delicious Susu Kurma which is very popular during Raya season, so grab yours while they’re in stock!

Alita Fresh Goat's Milk

Alita is a Taiwanese manufacturer or quality sheep and goat’s milk, taking care to lock-in freshness into every bottle. While most goat’s milk products are said to have a distinct ‘goaty’ or ‘mutton’ smell that turns off milk-lovers, Alita guarantees only the freshest milk (without any funky smells) delivered from farm to shelves (or homes, they deliver) within 72 hours. Try their creamy Goat’s Chocolate Milk and Goat’s Milk Yoghurt as well!    

Australia’s Own A2 Protein Milk

Proud dairy farmers from Australia’s Own deliver fresh milk products all over the world made with a labour of love. Their A2 Protein Milk is believed to be a healthier option than regular milk, due to the protein content. The largest protein group in milk is called casein, and freshly-squeezed cow’s milk contains both the A1 and A2 protein types. The company has found that using the portion of milk that has only A2 Protein (free from A1) is safer to consume for humans, according to ‘emerging research’. As most lactose-adverse health issues are tied to A1 proteins, A2 protein milk may be a better option after all.  

Find these products and many more at Ben’s Independent Grocer’s All About Milk Fair (20th – 30th June). We’ll be stocking up on yoghurts, milk drinks and mylk drinks (non-dairy), plant-based snacks, and more exciting stuff – join us and milk it for all it’s worth!

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