B.I.G. Picks – 5 Must-Try Ramen Noodles

Who doesn’t love a delicious meal that’s ready to go in a few simple steps? Tear off the lid, squeeze out the flavouring into the cup, pour hot water into the cup, and check Instagram while you wait for 3–4 minutes. That’s it!

Only with ramen noodles can you accomplish this miracle feat, and that’s not all – a ramen noodle meal is one of the cheapest meals that you can find anywhere. Enough gushing about how much we love ramen, 3 minutes are up and our noodles are ready. While we slurp on ours, enjoy 5 of our top ramen picks below which you can find at our B.I.G. Japan Fair (1st August – 1st September). 

Maruchan Gotsumari Corn Miso

Maruchen is a hot favourite ramen brand from Japan that shot to popularity after the company started distributing in the US (1977). Renowned for their wide variety of noodle offerings, they offer everything from Picante Beef Ramen to Sriracha Chicken Lunch Box and Cheddar Cheese Yakisoba. We always enjoy trying any flavour of theirs, and this corn miso ramen didn’t let us down! 

Miyakoichi Hiyashi Chuka

With all the Japanese summer matsuri (fests) going on in this heat (which is how Malaysia is anyway), there’s no better time to chew on a seasonal bowl of cold hiyashi chuka! Literally translating to ‘summer noodles’, we especially love the unique sauce made with lemon and soy. Miyakoichi Co., Ltd has been churning out top quality noodles since 1930 and are serious about maintaining their standards to this day, so you can bet this is going to be a treat. 

Itsuki Shokuhin Udon with Soup

The name ‘Itsuki’ comes from a village in Kumamoto, Japan, a place known to locals for producing high quality soba (buckwheat). The company claims that their soba seeds are distinguished from regular soba due to the nature of varying weather cycles that affects the growing area. But it’s not just soba that made them famous, udon wanna miss their udon too. This one comes with their signature soup a.k.a. dashi (soup stock) made with kombu (kelp) and katsuobushi (bonito flakes). Bonito appetite!

Sapporo Ichiban Tonkatsu Ramen

The milky broth of tonkotsu ramen was made famous in the Fukuoka region, but you’ll find it anywhere and everywhere in today’s Japan. You can add more ingredients such as a hard boiled egg or spring onions, but most rameniacs love it on it’s own. Get busy slurping this deliciously creamy noodle soup that The Ramen Rater has given 5 out of 5 stars! 

Maruchan Seimen Miso Soup

Another hit from the ramen giant, Maruchan’s Miso Soup is light and scrumptious with a classic chicken flavour that we mi-so love, and they’ve added a spicy kick, too. Having chicken soup as the base makes a ramen dish versatile, allowing any number of additional chopped foods such as vegetables, fried omelette cut into long strips, tofu, or tempeh. Our chosen secret sauce? Lingam’s chili sauce! Try it, you’ll thank us later. 

It’s time to get busy noodling, so join us at Ben’s Independent Grocer for our B.I.G. Japan Fair! Be sure to grab as many ramen packets as you can while we’ve got them. There’ll be lots of other food too, so come on an empty stomach! More fair details here: http://bit.ly/BIGJapanFair19

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