B.I.G. Raya Recipes To Try At Home

Why does time pass so fast? We can’t answer that, but Ramadan season is here again and we’re excited for the build-up to Hari Raya! Most of us join our Muslim friends as they buka puasa at the designated time, either by catching up in a restaurant or sharing a home-cooked meal.

While we love eating out, why not take this opportunity to learn the ins and outs of preparing a home cooked meal for Iftar? This is a highly valuable skill and one that’s become super easy to learn. Want chicken curry for dinner? All we have to do is get on Youtube and follow along while being supervised by Mum or Dad. You may hear the phrase “simple thing also dunno” a few times, but hang in there – they didn’t have the half the technological luxury that we do.

So, let’s plan your Buka Puasa spread! These four easy-to-make B.I.G. Recipes have been handpicked by us for a quintessential taste of Hari Raya, with a Middle-Eastern twist.

The best part is, they not only taste divine but have multiple health benefits too! As it’s Ramadan and soon-to-be Raya season, here are some benefits of common spices you’d find in rendangs, marinades, and curries (to name a few).

Appetizer: Sweet Potato Hummus with Lamb Kebab

We’ve got a unique take on our favourite snack that you absolutely hum-must-try! Sweet potato is an excellent replacement for chickpeas, as it retains its chewiness when made into a mash. It is also highly nutritious with a unique earthy flavour, teeming with natural sweetness. The addition of lamb kebab from Barn Butchery balances out the starchy texture and works well with other ingredients to create bitefuls of depth and flavour. Perfect on its own or suitable as a dip – enjoy!


Mains: Wagyu Beef Rendang Tok With Brown Herbal Rice

Sure wouldn’t be Raya without a good old rendang, but have you ever come across one made with wagyu? Wagyu beef cuts make a great option for rendang as they cook easily and result in tender, juicy bites. They can get a little pricey, however, which is why you can use other cuts of meat. Ask our Barn Butchery staff for brisket, chuck, or top side cuts which are great alternatives for rendang.

We paired this with a simple rendition of ‘ulam rice’ using brown rice and local herbs and spices. A great complement to rendang, the beauty of this recipe is in its versatility – feel free to add / replace any ingredients you see fit. As everything is hand-mixed, the rice demands a little labour before enjoying it with the family. Protip; add finely chopped dried prawns and belacan to enjoy it Nyonya style.


Mains: Lamb Shank Tajine With Couscous

Lamb shank is a cheap, simple cut of lamb with a lot of character – taken from the back legs below the knee, the meat is rich with flavour and collagen. The collagen makes it perfect for slow cooking, as the texture of the meat turns soft and melts off the bone. Tajine cooking is one of the best ways to get the most out this flavourful cut, along with being one of the least troublesome – simply cover it and let it slow cook to perfection. Lamb shanks do well to retain their texture after cooking so you can prepare this one day before if needed.

Using a myriad of spices and preserved lemons for a tangy lick of flavour, this Middle-Eastern dish is sure to have you wanting more. Again, feel free to mix up the herbs according to your preference – you can also replace the couscous with lebanese bread if pressed for time.


Dessert: Pistachio And Rose Water Semolina Cake

Semolina is a type of flour made from durum wheat, which grows predominantly in the Middle East. Commonly used to make pasta and couscous, we’ve used it in this delicious nut cake because of its unique texture –  lighter than normal baking flour, this cake won’t have you feeling too full for another slice. Rose syrup and orange zest dance well together to bring you an incredibly fragrant and flavourful dessert to end your Iftar feast.


Devour these B.I.G. recipes and come back for more! Don’t forget to join us at Ben’s Independent Grocer from 6th May to 9th June for exciting Raya in-store specials, and grab your Raya Hampers while stocks last. All B.I.G. Hampers are Buy 10 Free 1, along with free delivery – more info here [https://big.com.my/recipes/].

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