Baby Travel Essentials For A Smooth Trip

Travelling with babies is no easy feat. In some cases, parents are as likely to cry as their little tykes are, and as we get older we wonder how our parents did it all without complaint (well, depends who you ask).

A surefire way to minimize temper and hair loss while travelling is to pack as many essentials as possible to keep your child clean and well fed. After all, babies have needs that are straightforward and predictable – clean me, feed me, and figure out why I’m crying.

These baby travel essentials will help wipe away your woes and keep your baby comfortable and happy. Here we go:

Baby-friendly snacks

When all else fails, baby snacks are pretty reliable to calm down a sudden outburst of tears. The following products are best suited to toddlers aged 6 months to 2 years old.

Love Earth Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Baby Meal Banana and Pumpkin (for 6+ months) – The key ingredient used in this baby meal is organic sprouted brown rice – highly nutritious and easy to digest. It’s also gluten-free. dairy free. wheat free. and nut free.

Ella’s Kitchen Baby Puree (for 6+ months) – Purely organic fruits and veggies are blended to provide a healthy snack for early taste bud explorers and toddlers alike. Get a mix of flavours for maximum happiness!

Happy Family Organics Greek Yogis (for 2+ y/o) – Get your baby acclimatized to the goodness of Greek Yoghurt – they come in little pellets that are super easy to feed and are packed with protein and beneficial bacteria.

Wel B Freeze Dried Fruit (for 2+ y/o) – Inspired by NASA’s popular method of food preservation, vacuum freeze-dried fruits retain a high level of nutrients and fullness of flavour that’ll have your little one asking for more.

Baby Skin Products

Your travel bag should cover these three main skin product types – baby powder, soothing baby cream / lotion, and insect repellent.

Buds Baby Mozzie Clear Lotion with Citronella Oil, Portulaca Extract & Aloe Vera (insect repellent) – Facing the outdoors? No problem – citronella oil effectively prevents insects from bugging your baby, while the natural lubricants keep your feeling comfortable.

Offspring Protective Buzz Away Spray (insect repellent) – Another spray to keep the bugs away, made with natural plant extracts and fortified with Citronella, Rosemary & Wintergreen.

Earth Care Lavender Calendula Natural Baby Powder – this all-natural powder is made to keep your baby smelling as good as they feel once massaged onto their delicate skin.

Buds Baby Calming Rub Cream – Utilizing organic plant oils and extracts, massage this soothing cream blend onto your baby’s tummy and you’ll have them purring like a pampered kitten.

Offspring Soothing Nappy Balm – This Aussie-based company has created a nourishing rub made with soothing Calendula, Chamomile and Lavender extracts.

Baby Cleaning Products

No mess is too much for these gentle yet effective cleaning products, designed to ease mopping up on-the-go.

Suzuran Baby Gauze Glove – Suzuran’s 100% Japan Medical Grade cotton products are becoming increasingly popular due to USPs such as Chitosan antibacterial treatment, high-pressure sterilization, non-allergenic, chemical-free, ease of use, and their pleasantly soft feel. Prevent damage from scratching and bites by covering your baby’s mitts with these handy gauze gloves.

Suzuran Baby Gauze Handkerchief – These are ideal for daily use, particularly for keeping your baby’s mouth clean while feeding.

Suzuran Baby Wet Cleaning Cotton – conveniently stored in individual packets, these travel-friendly wet wipes can be used for thorough baby-cleaning, along cleaning with pacifiers, bottle teats, and even wounds.

Offspring Featherlite Ultra-Thin Newborn Diapers – Our bestselling diapers at B.I.G., and for good reason; ultra-thin and highly absorbent materials keep your baby’s skin dry and comfortable while accommodating multiple excrements.


Pack along these baby essentials and travelling will be as smooth as your baby’s cheeks. Fill your baby travelling bags at our Baby & Kids B.I.G. Fair happening from 28th February to 10th March! Click here to learn more! []

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