Clever Ways To Keep Your Kitchen Organized

As any Malaysian parent will tell you, half the headache of cooking for the family stems from an unorganized or dirty kitchen – it’s an uninviting sight that can put one off from bothering with the rigmarole of preparing a feast.

Well, we wouldn’t want that this Chinese New Year or at any other time, so we’ve gathered some hacks that’ll slice your worries in half and entice you to get started.

Vision In Division

Do these two tasks before anything else – empty out all drawers and cabinets and discard old or unnecessary items. When putting things back, use drawer dividers to keep things neat and accessible. You’ll find yourself automatically allocating specific areas for cutlery, cooking utensils, sandwich wrap, and miscellaneous items such as rubber bands and chip clips.

Label To Enable

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A highly underrated hack in our books – labelling food in bottles and storage bags solves a great deal ofmishaps. Picture this; you’re hungry, craving lamb curry, and you call Mum (who’s on the way back from work) to request that for dinner. Mum says ‘sure darling, take out the lamb from the freezer’. While frozen, it is difficult to be exactly sure what meat you are taking out, and that’s why a simple label will ensure you don’t thaw the wrong meat. 

I See You

Easily locate ingredients and food items in your pantry by placing them in see-through storage containers – these could be anything from wire baskets to glass bottles. No more opening and rummaging through cabinets and drawers to locate what you need.

A La Cart

A great idea to manage carrying heavy dishes and crockery is to place them on a roll cart. The roll cart can hold multiple items and ingredients to keep your cooking space uncluttered, and it can double up as a food service cart once hot dishes are ready to appease eager guests.

Hang Out (S)Pot

Save storage space by hanging your pots, pans, and cooking tools over the kitchen stove area for easy access. A simple rod-like fixture on the wall with sturdy hooks should do the trick, as seen in this shot from ApartmentTherapy. You can also stick adhesive hooks to hang almost anything wherever needed.

Make It Stick

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Utilize the ample space on your fridge with magnetic storage organizers! These can hold pens and papers for to-do lists, hang oven mitts or food covers, as well as keep cling wrap and kitchen roll handy. How’s that for cool?

Still Got The Chops

Cutting boards in need of a change? Well don’t dispose the old ones, the readers of TheKitchn have a clever use for them – just place kitchen appliances such as food processors or toasters on top! It helps them glide along countertops anytime you need them, while keeping the rubber feet of the appliance firmly in place – no lifting required.


We’re excited to try out these tips for ourselves, and hope you do too. Once your kitchen is sorted, drop by Ben’s Independent Grocer for sugar, spice, and everything nice to get started on CNY cooking. Our CNY Fair is happening from 10th January to 17th February so don’t miss out on huat we have in store! More info on goings-on here: [].  

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