Essentials for Hosting a Barbeque Party

The best barbeque parties seem relaxed and enjoyable when you’re a guest, but that is largely attributed to extensive planning by the hosts beforehand in order to hit the ground running during crunch time. We’ve covered the bases for what you’ll need below so you can enjoy your own party with the least amount of worry.  

As You Like Kit

There are no set rules as to which is the best barbeque kit, as they cater to different tastes and preferences. Gas-based units are known to be easier to use and cleaner than charcoal sets, with less prep time. However, most BBQ afficianadoes prefer using charcoal units to grill meats and veggies as the food is infused with a unique smoky flavour and cooks more evenly.

If opting for a charcoal unit, use natural charcoal along with wood chips for the best flavour, and don’t forget to have lighter fluid at the ready. Prepping charcoal grills will also require a longer setup time as compared to gas units, so do manage your day accordingly.

Veggie Nice to Meat You

Food is the main attraction of the party, therefore be mindful when planning the, menu, factoring in preparation time, volume, and diet preferences of your guests. Cook vegetables before the meats to avoid a clashing of flavours. Enjoy releasing the succulent flavours of grilled vegetableswhich may comprise of eggplants, onions, corn, zucchini, bell peppers, and Portobello mushrooms, just to name a few. 

As for meats, a good way to simplify the process of meat-picking is to have an idea of how fatty you want your cuts to be, or how lean. Fattier steaks such as ribeye, T Bone, and porterhouse produce more flavour than lean steaks such as a top round steak. For ideas on choosing healthymeat cuts, here are some tips from There are plenty of fresh and pre-marinated meat pieces to choose from at Barn Butchery, so head on over to B.I.G. with your grocery list and feel free to ask our butchers for help.

Lord of the Flames

Good cooks require the right cooking utensils to complement their craft. Use barbeque gloves, a long handled spatula and grilling fork, sturdy tongs that can grip food easily (never lift food off the grill by poking it!). Keep a sharpened all-purpose knife handy, along with a chopping board and an apron.If possible, invest in a meat thermometer which will give you an accurate indication of when your meat is ready.  

The Meaty Gritty

It won’t do to scramble around for these important items at the last minute, so make sure you stock up on tin foil, paper towels, napkins, disposable plates and cups, and wet wipes. Have a basic set of cleaning supplies at the ready such as a grill brush and microfibre cleaning cloths that can mop up any mess in a jiffy. Don’t forget garbage bags – recyclable items can be disposed in different coloured bags for convenience.

Water We Having?

Your guests will definitely be feeling the heat of our Malaysian climate during your party, so make sure there are adequate beverages to go around. Stock up on sodas and bottled water and keep them cool in thermal units. Keep one large cooler unit filled with ice specially for adding to drinks, and another with ice only for cooling unopened drinks.

You may also want to provide a drink dispenser filled with a crowd-pleasing custom drink.. Get that party vibe going with this Virgin Sangria recipe from

Don’t Be A Buzz-Kill

You’ll want to keep bug repellents handy as they can be quite a menace. Mosquito sprays and coils are of particular importance. There are also organic roll-on bug repellents that your guests will greatly appreciate, so add that to your B.I.G. shopping list. You could also opt for tiki torches, which not only provide beautiful outdoor lighting but will lend your party an ‘islandish’ theme. They can also naturally repel mosquitoes if filled with citronella candles.

Music To My Sears

Lastly, having a good barbeque playlist will set the overall mood for the evening, keeping the atmosphere light and breezy. Break out that new set of portable speakers and connect a device with your favourite party songs. Keep the music volume low so that neighbours are not disturbed and guests can converse easily. If you don’t have barbeque party-themed playlist, here are some great song ideas from

These guidelines will help you have an enjoyable party experience every time. Join us at Ben’s Independent Grocer for our BBQ Fair (5th – 15th July) and pick up all the essential ingredients, condiments, and sauces you’ll need. Don’t forget to collect your BITES points! Download the app here .  

Specially for our DC Mall customers, enjoy the benefits of B.I.G.’s Porter & Delivery services! You can now leave your groceries with us and pick them up at a later time, or you could opt for delivery right to your doorstep. Delivery areas are DC Residency, Hong Leong Tower, Twins Damansara Heights, Sofitel Hotel, and Wisma Guocoland. It’s all happening DC-ni 🙂

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