Foods to Avoid During Ramadan

Fasting is soon to begin and the temptation is definitely there to consume your favourite food during Iftar. Don’t forget that with fasting your body is going through some internal changes and you need to be aware what foods to avoid doing so that you don’t feel sick or tired during the day while you fast. Here are three simple areas you can look into during Ramadan.

Cut the Caffeine

For those who would normally consume caffeinated drinks such as tea and coffee during the day, it’s best to avoid taking caffeine at the beginning of the day as caffeine is a diuretic and can cause your body to purge more fluids than usual which can lead to headaches, tiredness and difficulty in concentrating.

Go Easy on your Salt and Sugar
You might like your food with some extra salt but don’t forget that all that sodium can dehydrate the body and impact its ability to absorb fluids. A high sodium diet is also bad for your heart’s health. Sugar is high in calories but poor in nutritional value. While sugar can provide the body with instant energy, the energy is generally short lived and you’ll find yourself tired during the day when fasting.

Skip Those Fried Snacks
Fried and fatty foods contain a high percentage of the daily recommended fat and sodium intake, so eating them frequently may increase the impact of fatigue and exhaustion caused by fasting in Ramadan. Fatty foods have free radicals that can destroy the health of your blood vessels and increase the possibility of bad cholesterol forming in your body as well.

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