Fun & Quirky Snack Pairings To Try Out

When it comes to snacks, fortune favours those who are brave enough to experiment with unconventional food combinations. And every now and then, we find a match made in snack heaven. So if you’re currently snacking on a chocolate bar in one hand and eating an avocado with the other (which some people actually do), we’re not judging, rather here are even more wacky ideas for you to try out!

French Fries and Milkshake

Probably the most popular quirky food pair, we bless the first human being who decided it would be a good idea to dunk salty fried potatoes into the thick and creamy deliciousness of a milkshake. It certainly shook things up, alright, and for good reason – try it once and it becomes a snack habit. 

Mango and Peanut Butter

Like us, we bet you’re itching to try this combo out as soon as possible. The fruity sweetness of a ripe mango does a mean tango with the saltiness of chunky peanut butter. What’s not to love?

Blue Cheese and Medjool Dates

Everything about this pair sounds like a winning combination to us! Balance the intensely salty and creamy flavours of blue cheese with sweet succulent medjool dates – we found ourselves taking small bites to truly savour the combination of flavours. What a great way to finish your stock of dates leftover from the Raya festivities, although this made us wish we bought more!

Twisties and Truffle Mustard


When conventional rules don’t apply, you get gourmet food with a twist! Try dunking pieces of your favourite flavour of Twisties into gourmet truffle mustard and feel your taste buds tingle with pleasure. Perfect for snacking when no one’s watching!

No you’re not going cocoa-nuts, these two make a devilishly tasty pair! Dark chocolate and cheese both pack flavours that are sharp and bitter with nutty after-tastes, giving a pleasant surprise to those who are brave enough to consume them together. To really push the boundaries of everyday food, sandwich these two between your favourite bread and toast your newfound favourite guilty pleasure.

Olive Oil and Ice Cream

We know what you’re thinking; why haven’t I thought of this before? This is one of those weird combos that makes more sense as you think about it. A great quick solution to when you’re feeling peckish – let the salty cheese flavour of your Pringle mingle with a square of dairy milk for taste explosion.

It’s time to go hunting for these and more delicious sweet and savory snack combos at our Snack & Confectionery Fair! Happening in all Ben’s Independent Grocer outlets from 19th – 29th July. More info about fair activities at this link: . Sweet you there!

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