Gift Ideas For Hosts This CNY

Chinese New Year festivities are here and we’re eager to get dolled-up and dressed in our best clothes to visit friends and family. But remember, one of the most important aspects during this time is to bring gifts along with you! There are certain customs and traditions to be upheld when choosing your CNY gifts, so plan your gifts ahead of time; you don’t want your hosts looking like they just had a particularly sour mandarin orange. Here are some gift ideas with guidelines to help you:

Chocolates and Sweets

Something that everyone will appreciate, boxes of chocolates or candies that come in bright colours (preferably red) are a great gift for your host’s family. If you cannot find confectionery wrapped in red packaging, you can wrap your gift in bright red wrapping paper, and perhaps attach a card with a handwritten message. Not only will this add meaning to the gift, your host will be very pleased that you’ve given them an extra supply of sweets to offer their guests over many days of celebrations.


Gifting a box of tea is a common gift during Chinese New Year, mainly due to its significance in Chinese tradition. On the first day of CNY, a morning tea ritual is practised with family elders where sweet tea is poured and served to symbolize well wishes for the year ahead. Embodying this spirit, have fun picking teas of various blends and origins from our shelves for your hosts. We recommend loose leaf tea as it adheres more to tradition, and you can present it to your host with the conviction that it brings them abundant prosperi-tea.


A bottle or two of wine is always well appreciated by any host, especially if you know their taste and took some time to choose a particular vintage. You could also find a bottle that has significance to your relationship with the host. For instance, if you were once students abroad taking a road trip through Australia’s wine valleys, select a bottle from a vineyard that you and your host once visited and revisit the good times. For harder spirits such as whisky, opt for older vintage (18 years and above). It is a Chinese custom to give gifts in pairs, so you might want to make it a double.

Cny Fruit Basket

A highly pervasive gift in mainland China, fruit baskets are given as a symbol that Chinese New Yearcelebrations are in full swing. Apart from mandarin oranges, you may want to ‘Malaysianise’ your basket with other local fruits such as mangoes and jambu air. Also be mindful of the number of fruits given – set your quantity according to Chinese ‘auspicious’ numbers such as 6, 8 and 9. Tuck in some red envelopes to give your basket a festive finish, and wish your hosts a fruitful year ahead!

Before the celebrations kick-off, drop by Ben’s Independent Grocer and have A B.I.G. Reunion with us, where we’ve got everything you need to sort out your CNY gifts! Check out our CNY Catalogue here to see what’s in store: Don’t forget to redeem your B.I.G. Ang Paos as well, simply spend RM150 and above in a single receipt to redeem from our B.I.G. Helpdesk!

No matter the gift you choose, the best gift of all is to bring joy, good vibes, and lots of love when visiting your friends and family. Gong Xi Fa Cai, and may your CNY bring you the gift of happiness this year. !

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