Home Cooking Hacks

Cooking should be an enjoyable experience and it gets better when you have some useful cooking hacks that you can use in the kitchen that helps make the cooking process easier and more efficient.

Hack #1: Fixing An Over Salted Soup of Stew
Oops! Did you get a bit too over enthusiastic with the seasoning while cooking a soup our stew? Try adding in a peeled potato and watch this little guy soak up the excess salt in about 10-12 minutes. That’s one hot potato!

Hack #2: Fluffy  Popcorn Time!
Want to get some super-quick poppin’ and its-so-fluffy-I-could-die popcorn for movie night? Try soaking your popcorn kernels in water for about 10 minutes. Once you drain them off and let them dry off a little bit, then you can start popping these kernels and enjoy a great portion of fluffy popcorn. Don’t forget the butter!

Hack #3: Fluffy  Popcorn Time!
Get that heat from chilies away from your eyes as you’re chopping some up for your meals by rubbing your hands first with vegetable oil. This prevents your hands from absorbing chili oils as you’re chopping.

Hack #4: Fluffy Popcorn Time!
Don’t let that leftover red wine go to waste! Freeze it up into wine cubes and use it for adding to your bolognese sauce for that extra kick of flavour.

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