How To Host A Memorable Christmas Party

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We’re already looking forward to having a gathering with our loved ones and celebrating Christmas together. Spice up your Christmas party with these cool ideas for some thematic fun!er.

Christmas Potluck
The best way to reduce the workload – organise a family potluck! A great idea that gives you a wide spread without the stress of preparing all of it. Having a potluck brings out the best in each family member as they help populate the table based on their specialities and preferences. We all have an Aunt who is partial to desserts, another that loves experimenting with finger foods and we can always rely on Uncles and older cousins for party supplies, drinks, and music! Make sure to plan and clearly list the contributions of each family member – a Whatsapp group created specially for the event works best for this.

Attack of the Christmas Headgears
Here’s a chance for you to dig out one of your Christmas head-accessories you’ve been waiting to wear again! From Santa-hats to Reindeer-ear hairbands, hosting a Christmas party with this theme will encourage everyone to let down their guard, comment and pass compliments on unique headgear, all of which make socialising with strangers easier and much more fun.

Thanks For The Memories
Close off your Christmas party with an activity that will have your guests singing your praises – have a Christmas Karaoke! Investing in a home karaoke system is worth it if you have a big family that loves singing together. Line up a list of your favourite Christmas songs like “Let It Snow”, “Winter Wonderland”, and “All I Want For Christmas Is You”. You may even discover a hidden talent in the family!

A Blockbuster Christmas
Rather than go the conventional route of elaborate dinner parties, have you ever thought of hosting a Christmas movie-marathon party? With the popularity of Netflix and Blu-ray DVDs, watching festive movies at home with a big group of your loved ones can make for a very memorable Christmas. Start with kid-friendly movies such as ‘Elf’ or ‘Home Alone’ and progress to ‘Love Actually’ or even ‘Die Hard’ once the kids are asleep. All you need to do is stock up on snacks and drinks at B.I.G. and get comfortable. P.S.: Playing a Christmas-themed horror movie is sure to keep your guests on the edge! We recommend ‘Krampus’ (2015).ady to go!

The Season of Giving
Keep the Christmas spirit alive with a Secret Santa gift-exchange! This works especially well for adults who shouldn’t be left out when it comes to getting gifts. Secret Santa presents are normally picked according to the recipient which encourages more thought being put into present-hunting. Apart from Secret Santa, gift your guests with special party packs and door gifts for them to take home! A simple chocolate bar or candy with a thank you note goes a long way to make your party more memorable.

Winning at Christmas
Nothing lifts the mood of a party as effectively as Christmas party games! Bring out the competitive side of your family with Charades, Taboo, or even a customised trivia game. We love getting ideas from shows like The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, where guests are not just interviewed but also shown a good time by participating in creative games. We highly recommend ‘Password’! Games at a party are the best way of involving every guest in an activity for a fun time.

We hope these ideas will bring festive cheer to your Christmas celebrations. Keep Christmas party planning ideas simple and easy to execute rather than trying to be overly-impressive, because ultimately it’s the company that matters.

Check out our recipes section for some Christmas cooking ideas here and drop by our outlets for some festive cheer! Every spend of RM 100 in a single receipt enables you to redeem our limited edition wrapping paper from B.I.G. Helpdesk (available from 1st – 20th December, while stocks last). Also don’t forget to pick up a few Christmas hats and headbands to get you party-ready.

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There will also be Christmas Caroling by our friends at Dignity Home, view the full schedule here:

Here’s wishing you a wonderful Christmas from B.I.G.!

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