Huat To Bring: Door Gifts To Impress Your CNY Hosts

Gong Xi Fa Cai! We are well aware of just how hectic it can get around the festive season, with all the cooking, hosting, and visiting there is to do. Visiting loved ones during Chinese New Year often entails getting brand new outfits, booking an appointment for that new hair-do, and scurrying around trying to find ideal gifts to bring along when visiting.


We’ve decided to ease your burden of cracking of your head over what to buy as door gifts – check out these unique gift ideas that are sure to impress your hosts:  

Japanese Setoka

These deliciously-sweet citrus fruits make a thoughtful alternative to traditional mandarin orange boxes. TheSetoka is a hybrid citrus fruit, similar to Mikan but unique in its flavour and composition. Its fresh, stringy pulp packs a strong citrusy-sweet flavour, enveloped by a thin layer of skin that can be peeled easily. Be sure to get some for yourself too!

Sau Tao Abalone Noodles

Give the gift of prosperity to your loved ones with these famous abalone noodles. The pride of Hong Kong-based Sun Shun Fuk Foods Ltd., it has been an integral part of CNY festivities to folks celebrating all around the world since the 1960’s. Abalones are rare sea-snails that take skilful divers to locate and catch, with delicious flesh and beautiful shells that are used for decorative arts and crafts. It is no wonder that Chinese folklore deems finding an abalone will bring you good fortune. 

Sau Tao Long Life Flour Vermicelli Noodles

Another festive must-have, Sau Tao is a leading name in producing high quality, non-fried healthy noodles that we have come to love and look forward to eating. The long strands of noodles symbolize longevity in the Chinese culture, so do remember not to cut up noodle strands when visiting your friends’ houses!

MonTea – Cha Wang & Ripe Tea

Giving tea as a CNY gift is an age-old tradition, a gesture made popular after Chinese Emperors in the 8th Century began gifting tea to their devotees for medicinal purposes. Malaysian based KWF Group brings us their own renditions of CNY classics – MonTea Cha Wang (oolong) and Ripe Tea (pu’er).


Oolong tea is concentrated with flavour due to its long production process, whereby the leaves are semi-oxidized after rolling and shaping, This conjures up floral notes and intense flavours that oolongs are particularly known for.


Pu’er tea, or ‘red tea’, is the traditional Chinese tea that most of us are used to consuming. The processing of this tea includes both fermentation and ageing of the tea leaves, locking in intense flavours and giving off an earthy, bitter taste. Its medicinal properties are believed to include mental alertness and reduction in bad cholesterol.

Thaitee Pu Er

Thaitee Tea Merchants have been supplying award-winning teas for decades in Malaysia, under the watchful eye of tea master Mr.Zheng Qing Chi. The company is always looking for ways to improve the flavour and quality of their highly-coveted teas. A few boxes of these premium teas are sure to bring festive cheer to your hosts this CNY.

Dragon-I Pineapple Shortcakes

Our mouths are watering already – these pineapple shortcakes from prestigious restaurant chain Dragon-ipack the best of festive flavours into little-buttered shortcakes. Believed to symbolize wealth, luck, excellent fortune, each bite is rich in their special pineapple preserve, with pastry coated in buttercream for a sensual crispy texture. Perfect with tea and festive laughs, and definitely a perfect door gift for any host.

Hai Di Lao Soup Bases

A legend in the hot pot world, Hai Di Lao was founded in the Sichuan province of China in 1994, and has since expanded to Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, US, and very soon in Malaysia! Known for their fresh ingredients and unforgettable soup base, you can now recreate your very own home steamboat session with their soup bases. A perfect gift that’ll bring the family together for a hot meal – what more can we ask for?


Now that you’ve got an idea of what to buy, simply swing by Ben’s Independent Grocer to grab these and many other festive treats for your hosts this CNY! Join us from 10th January to 17th February while our prosperous CNY Fair is in full swing – find out what’s happening here: []

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