Johor Bahru Just Got B.I.G.ger

You’ve probably heard the news: B.I.G. is now in Johor Bahru! B.I.G. Mall of Medini opened its doors on the 3rd of October and it’s kind of a big deal. Right next door to Legoland, B.I.G. Mall of Medini is our largest store yet, providing 35,000 square feet of fresh groceries and delicious food. Let’s take a quick virtual tour.

The Biggest B.I.G

Naturally, having 35,000 square feet to work with means there’s more room for a truly one-of-a-kind B.I.G. experience. Each store section is bigger than usual, with more space for the products you love. Besides being super spacious, the aisles at Mall of Medini are extra wide, meaning there’s plenty of space for navigating around parked shopping carts or to quietly contemplate the many brands of chilli sauce. In fact, this store is so big it’s even got an indoor play area, where you can leave the little ones while you roam the store. Don’t worry, it’s gated, so they won’t be going anywhere. Oh, and have we mentioned B.I.G. Mall of Medini has the most eateries of any B.I.G. store? Speaking of which, let’s get into the food.

The Makan-est B.I.G.

Coming through the door, you’ll instantly be hit with the aroma of fresh bread and even fresher coffee. Independent Coffee and Crumbs café are right up front, perfect for a little energy boost before you get into the shopping experience. Right across the way from the café is B.I.G. MoM’s main eatery area. Trust us when we say that whatever you’re craving, you’ll find it here. The Grocer’s Kitchen, Ayam Big, Tex-Mex and Makan-Makan serve everything you can think of, and more. If you’re looking for a sweet treat, Nibbles and Sundae Fundae have got you covered with cotton candy, ice cream, waffles and all things snack-tastic. If you’re a pork fan, there’s a S.Wine outlet on the far side of the store, complete with an alfresco dining area. Now, everybody knows no meal is complete without a refreshing beverage, so it’s a good thing Big Sips is on hand to supply tasty drinks with which to wet your whistle.

The Insta-worthiest B.I.G.

Now, people don’t usually associate groceries with “Instagrammable”, but B.I.G. Mall of Medini may just be the store to change that misconception. The store features two spots for some stellar selfies: the B.I.G. lightbox by the front entrance and the specially designed Instagram wall inside the store. We also made the super-wide aisles extra pretty with retro-style neon signage and decorations for each section. Just be sure to tag @bensindependentgrocer when you stop by!

That about wraps it up for B.I.G. Mall of Medini, see you there soon!

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