Practical Tips For A Relaxed Balik Kampung Trip

Holiday season is approaching fast and we want to make sure we’re all set to balik kampung with peace of mind – well, at least as much of it as we can muster. Having a peaceful journey simply requires putting a few precautions in place, so that we’re better primed for external stresses such as standstill traffic, excessive honking and rebarbative drivers (for your own safety, try not to brake fast on the road! *wink). Here’s a checklist for a smoother journey back home to your kampung!: .

1. Be Car-eful

Having your car in tip top condition will help a great deal to prevent any unfortunate incidents on the road. Check if all water and oil levels are adequate, and if unsure don’t hesitate to bring your car to your mechanic for a thorough examination – this may also include checking the functionality of brake pads, steering fluid, gearbox, etc. Inspect your tyres (including the spare tyre) to see if there is enough air and there are no cracks or splinters embedded into them. Tyres that are in good condition ensure a smooth drive and will save petrol cost as well. For more info on car safety, check out this infographic from Carput.My

2. House Things

There are simple yet practical things you can do to ensure you come back home to a neat and welcoming house. Before you leave, unplug all electrical appliances and extension units, and make sure the gas stove is turned off fully. Double check that all windows and doors are locked properly, and inform neighbours that you will be away but contactable (provide reliable contact details).


Don’t forget to empty all rubbish bins in the house, because it won’t do to have rotting leftovers or mouldy waste greet you when you return. Foods that may expire soon such as bread and fruits should be kept in the fridge, or you could turn them into bites for the road – check out for easy road trip sandwich ideas.

3. Return Of The Hangry King

You’ve probably realised from previous trips that storing ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat food is a very good idea, as long trips tend to  leave us tired and in need of a quick meal fix. Head on over to B.I.G. and stock up on our ready-to-cook range of foods at Barn Butchery, as well as our festive foods on display which can be stored and eaten when you’re back home. You’ll also want to have instant tea or coffee handy, because nothing welcomes you home like sipping on a hot drink with your feet up.

4. Snack Petrol

Having munchables in the car almost goes without saying, but proper planning is required to ensure no last-minute let downs from not buying the right snacks, as most of us are fussy about having our favourites. At least a week before go time, get a shopping list ready with specific requests from your fellow roadtrippers. Dry snacks are best to avoid any spillage and stickiness on car seats. Head on over to B.I.G. to fill your basket, and remember to buy some for the journey home too!

5. Main Games

Playing car games is such a fun way to keep your mind occupied, especially in standstill traffic. Games such as ‘Name A Country / Capital City’ beginning with a chosen alphabet work well to keep everyone engaged and wishing the journey was longer. It’s not very often that you get all family members huddled together in a small space for hours, so take this opportunity to bond through whoops of joy and laughter. Check out more car game ideas at

A little planning and a touch of pragmatism goes a long way towards a fuss-free balik kampung adventure. We hope you’ll find these tips useful, and remember to get your shopping done early! Our ‘Ramadan Dihayati, Syawal Dirai’ Raya Fair is still happening at a Ben’s Independent Grocer near you (until 24th June), so pick up your snacks and festive treats while stocks last – Iftar-habisthen how? For more info on our fair, click here

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