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With the RMCO in place, we’ve seen many exclaim in delight over social media that it’s time for a #roadtrip within Malaysia and shake off the #stayathome feels with some friends. Now before you get too excited it’s important to remember that although things have gotten better significantly, COVID-19 remains present and as responsible members of the society, we should make the effort to keep ourselves and others safe and healthy!

We’ve put together some reminders for all you travel bugs as you start planning your trips so that you can still have an enjoyable experienced while staying safe and healthy.

Travel-Sized Sanitisers
With travelling comes visiting places that have been exposed to many other people. Whether you’re sitting down at a local hawker stall, beach side or even a cafe. Always remember to keep yourself sanitised. Most places have sanitisers for you to use but it’s always safe to have your own bottle of hand sanitiser around just in case you need it.

You can get travel-sized sanitisers that are easy to store in your bag or pockets That way your luggage won’t be weighed down with heavy bottles of sanitisers.

Reusable Face Masks

Don’t pack a stack of face masks! Think of how much waste you generate with single-use face masks! You can get a reusable face mask that allows you to change the air filter inside the mask. Some brands have filters that last for three consecutive days so it’s just nice for a short weekend getaway!

Factor in Local Business Hours

With the RMCO and businesses slowly getting back on their feet, it’s always safer to check for the local business hours to make sure you don’t end up being greeted by a “We Are Closed” sign especially when it comes to dinner venues. You most likely won’t be the only one out travelling so call ahead and make a lunch or dinner reservation to beat the crowd.

Avoid Touching Public Surfaces as Much as Possible

As you’re posing and taking pictures take note of the surroundings and avoid touching public surfaces as much as you can. Sanitise your hands after you’ve visited a place before entering your vehicle to prevent any unwanted germs hopping in for the ride. Always wash your hands after eating out and sanitise the moment you reach your hotel room too!

Do take care and make sure your travel buddies are also practising the same level of hygiene as you are during the duration of the trip. Have a fun and safe time!

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