Snacks On These Life Hacks

There are so many ways to snack on chips!

#1 How to open your bag of chips

Isn’t it frustrating opening a bag of chips and you can’t finish it? Here’s a handy tip! Cut the top of by using a pair of scissors or open the bag from the top so it doesn’t rip down the middle. This will make it easier to seal the res of it to keep it fresh! 

#2 Clean & Easy Snack Bowl

All you’ll have to do is continuously roll up the bag from the bottom and you’ll achieve your snack bowl. The best part is that you can keep your hands clean this way. Now that you have your snack bowl, the down side to this is that you will have a few more crushed chips at the bottom (see #4 for help).

#3 Keep your hands clean

Want to keep your hands clean while snacking so that you can multitask without getting grease and crumbs everywhere? Just grab a pair of chopsticks! Why? Well, you can practice your chopstick picking skills while keeping your hand clean!

#4 Eat every last bite without getting crumbs

When it finally gets to the end, we just want to finish all the little pieces without getting crumbs all over. In order to do that, tilt the bag so the chips slides to one corner and then cut open the opposite corner. Place the hole over your mouth and voila!

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