Sowing the Seeds

Japanese vegetables and fruits are known for its freshness and specialty; indeed, they are much more expensive than conventional fruits and vegetables. Why? These crops require a controlled environment to grow and cultivate, the amount of produce is limited, and quality of the produce is guaranteed. Not many are familiar with Japanese specialty produce but once you try them it will bring a whole experience to your taste buds.

These Peaches
The peach aka ‘MOMO’ has a sweeter and softer texture in comparison to a conventional peach as some peaches will have a mild bitter taste to it. They are also larger than the conventional peaches, you gotta taste it to experience it!

Like little watermelons in your mouth
Grape. Who doesn’t like grapes? It is easy to eat and sweet, but sometimes the conventional grapes can be sour as well. These Kyoho grapes, however, they’re a game changer! Larger and sweeter, it definitely packs a punch and brings more satisfaction with each grape bursting in your mouth.

Sweet Onions!
Onions are a type of produce that you either hate or love. Why? When it is cooked, it will bring a wonderful sweetness to the dish but cutting it might make you cry. (Handy tip: make sure your knife is SHARP) Tamnegi or Japanese yellow onions are not as pungent but is much sweeter.

In general if you wanna satisfy your sweet tooth but refrain yourself from consuming too much sugary junk, just switch to these fruits and vegetables. Not only are they fresh & healthy, they’re really enjoyable to eat as well!

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