Unique Mooncakes At B.I.G.’s Mid-Autumn Fest

We’re rubbing our hands together with glee at the thought of indulging in chatty catch-ups over mooncakes and tea. With the Mid-Autumn Festival,around the corner, we’ve stocked up on all varieties of mooncakes for you and the family to indulge. While we adore classic traditional mooncakes, here’s a little taste of our featured products that offer bold and unique renditions of this festive delight.

1. Setapak Teochew Yam Paste Mooncake

This landmark restaurant has proudly been serving up Teochew dishes since 1912, with customers still flocking over for their famous mooncakes and a scrumptious meal. These yam mooncakes have a pastry-like outer-skin and are a yummy and healthier alternative to traditional lotus seed paste mooncakes.

2. JDX Black Tea Hokkaido Milk & Snowy Bird Nest Custard Mooncakes

Jiu Ding Xiang (JDX) has built a formidable reputation as the go-to supplier of Chinese tea for over 1500 restaurants in Malaysia – a long way from the humble beginnings of Mr Jong Yew Hock and Madam Choo Yeong Lin delivering boxes of tea leaves to the community in a yellow van. With the help of a dedicated research team, the company constantly seeks ways to reinvent the quality and flavours of their tea, and they offer a unique mooncake range made with fresh tea extracts. We guaran-tea you’ll enjoy their distinctive flavour

3. MX Lava Custard Mooncakes & Snow Skin D24 Premium Durian

These highly-anticipated treats are made by Hong Kong based, a prominent food & beverage company comprising of a diverse range of eateries and festive products. Their award-winning mooncakes come in many flavours and are in high-demand, especially during the festive season. Durian-lovers can now rejoice and savour their rich D24 Premium Durian mooncakes, but the Lava Custard mooncake with its luscious custard centre is no slouch either.

4. Casahana Nasi Lemak Mooncake

Everyone’s favourite halal mooncake is back! Casahana is a key brand of HYT Food Industries that specializes in oriental pastries and mooncakes which have garnered a loyal fan following over the years. Their Nasi Lemak Mooncake is a popular favourite and for good reason – the balance of spicy sambal with lotus seed paste infused with sweet coconut milk really takes the cake (literally). Needless to say, it is a must-try.
Get your hands on these beauties while they’re available! It’s all happening at B.I.G.’s Mid-Autumn Festival until 24th September. Check out fair activities at https://big.com.my/latest

Experience a complete grocery adventure through our impressive array of ingredients and gourmet products at Ben’s Independent Grocer today!

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