Ways To Use Cotton Mesh Produce Bags

Everyone is trying to do their part in reducing single-use plastics in their daily life and one way is to use cotton mesh produce bags. Here are four useful ways to incorporate mesh bags into your daily routine.

Use It When You Shop for Produce
Mesh produce bags are brilliant because you can put lots of items in one bag and retailers can still see everything you have picked up. Also, a mesh is breathable – unlike a plastic bag so there is a lower risk of your grocery items getting all moist and sticky. This reduces the likeliness of your vegetables going bad too.

Use It On Your Kitchen Counter
If you have any produce that needs to sit on the counter to ripen a mesh produce bag is an excellent choice because it protects your produce and gives it a chance to breathe in the air. A good rule to remember is that if your produce isn’t refrigerated at the store, then don’t refrigerate it at home.

Hang It Up in Your Pantry
Not everyone has a spacious kitchen counter so mesh produce bags work well for hanging from a hook on the wall. The best part about mesh bags is that it can withstand heavy loads as well. So start hanging your produce at the pantry with ease.

Use It for Storage in the Fridge
In the refrigerator, you can store peaches, apples, oranges, squash, carrots, as well as most thick-skinned items in mesh produce bags. You can also take the bags with the refrigerated produce and put them straight into the vegetable drawer of your fridge.

Make a difference
Without a doubt, cotton mesh produce bags are a big help to your shopping and storage needs. It’s definitely a great way to reduce the amount of plastic you use so let’s all pitch in and make it a point to reduce plastic pollution.

If you’re doing any shopping at our outlets, start your plastic-free journey by getting some cotton mesh produce bags.

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