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  • Organic Coconut Vinegar
    Rainforest Herbs Organic Coconut Vinegar uses a modern adaptation of a traditional process that starts with fresh mature organic coconut water that is slowly fermented over the course of 10 months. This premium quality coconut vinegar with a mild acidity with a more acceptable taste.
    Grassmilk Yogurt is made from the milk of our 100% grass-fed cows. Because our cows spend their days in organic pastures, Grassmilk Yogurt has a more healthful balance of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids. Our yogurt is creamy, luscious and delicious and contains active cultures.
    Jumpstart your recovery with Organic Fuel. We get our protein straight from the source—the naturally occurring casein and whey found in real, organic milk. Organic Fuel is lactose-free, gluten-free and absolutely delicious. An alternative for meal replacement as it consists of 26g protein.
    Quinoa Puffs (Corn Meal, Quinoa), Soybean Oil, Tapioca Maltodextrin, Salt, Tomato Powder, Jalapeno Pepper, Yeast Extract, Sugar, Dehydrated Red and Green Bell Pepper, Onion Powder, Paprika, Extractives of Annatto and Turmeric, Natural Flavors, Lactic Acid,
    D’aucy provides tasty, healthy and practical vegetables grown in and around where they are based in Brittany, France. They strive to bring convenience to the family kitchen without making any sacrifice to quality.
    Our deliciously crunchy wholegrain waffles are filled with sweet organic apples and pears. Perfect for crunching, dunking or snacking on the go!
    With no added colours or artificial flavours, Areo® Instant Hot Chocolate Drink mix is a bubbly addition to the original Areo range. Enjoy a mug of bubbly Aero® Hot chocolate - making the world a bubblier place! For a quick and easy hot chocolate, just place 4 heaped teaspoons in a mug, fill with 200ml hot, but not boiling water and then stir well to release the bubbles...
    The Beetroot. A vegetable powerhouse in your pocket. The Beetroot. Rude Health’s snack bars are an allotment full of fruit & veg in a fudgy bar with seeds & nuts thrown in for good measure. And if that isn’t enough they are wheat-free, gluten free and made with no refined sugar.
    We roast organic peanuts in their natural skins, then crush them with a touch of sea salt for a perfect crunchy texture.
    Pasta shapes in tomato sauce with iron and vitamin D. Heinz Pasta Snap pots are a quick and tasty meal. Simply snap off a pot, heat in the microwave, pour and enjoy!
  • Sofy Hadaomoi Liner (100% Cotton)
    Have you given up on using pads to solve problem during your period? Discharge that remains on the surface of the pad not only feels unpleasant, but is also a cause skin irritation. Soft Hadaomoi addresses that problem by absorbing even thick menstrual fluid and because it doesn't become sticky.
  • Tim Tam (Arnotts)
    A fan of tim tam? Inspired and co-created by Gelato Messina, new exciting flavours such as Coconut and Lychee, Chocolate Mint, Salted Caramel and Vanilla and Black Forest are in store!
  • Wallaby Organic
    Made by using premium organic milk from cows raised on pasture-based farms, Wallaby Organic Products are fresh, creamy and subtly sweet. This uniquely creamy, smooth Australian-style yogurt offers different flavours such as Key Lime, Peach and Maple.
  • Mayver’s Black Tahini
    Adding in a twist on tahini, Black Tahini is slightly sweeter, boosted with extra antioxidant power from unhulled black sesame seeds. Try making black hummus for a richer and deeper flavour!
  • Muir Glen Organic Crushed Tomatillos
    Organic crushed tomatillos is grown organically, soaked in the California Sun. Tweak your pasta sauce with organic crushed tomatillos. Sweeter and more depth in flavour!
  • Roland Dulce de Leche (Milk Caramel Spread)
    Dulce de Leche is the new spread in town. This creamy caramel topping from Argentina is the perfect topping for dessert or spread on toast. Use it as a delectable filling between layers of cakes!
  • Pain is Good Buffalo Blue Cheese Screaming Wing Sauce/ Spicy Honey Habanero
    For the pepperheads, wing up the game with Pain is Good Most Wanted Wing Sauce. Made with fiery passion and some spicy hot peppers, this is definitely the sauce to coat your wings with!
  • Pepus Canned Seafood Range
    Pepus offers a range of canned seafood which is an excellent source of proteins, vitamins and minerals. You can either serve it as a tapas or mix it in your dishes for a flavourful meal!
  • Arroz La Fallera Especial Paella
    Thinking on how to serve flavourful meal? Cook up a storm of delicious Paella De Marisco (Seafood Paella). This pack of rice stands out for the absorption of flavours in its way.
  • Plantin Salt from Guerande with Black Summer Truffle
    Capturing the earth appeal of the French black truffles, this special salt of Guerande will be your go-to ingredient. Sprinkle as a finishing touch on simple cuisine such as roast potatoes or scramble eggs.
  • Kohu Road Dairy-Free Ice Cream
    Did we hear lower calories? Fat Free? Dairy Free? You have to put this in your basket for a guiltless indulgence. Kohu Road offers classic flavors like vanilla, dark chocolate, and green tea.
  • Guinness Bright Stout
    Beer lovers, something bright just brew out from Guinness. Bright Stout re-imagined and infused with ginger, lemongrass extract and coffee. Only available in Malaysia!
  • Califia California Tangerine 1.4L
    Breakfast-ers, get ready to celebrate your weekend with Califia California Tangerine juice! Freshly squeezed and never with concentrate.
  • Organic Nutty Bruce Almond and Coconut Milk
    Can’t choose between coconut milk and almond milk? Fret not. Nutty Bruce offers you the best of both worlds. Gluten free, deliciously creamy and organic. What is there NOT to like about?
  • GuyLian Crunchy Biscuits
    Experience a crunchy taste sensation with Guylian's delicious marbled Sea Horse chocolates filled with a Belgian chocolate cream, blended with crunchy bits of biscuit.
  • Little Freddie Apple, Banana, Oatmeal Pouch
    Your baby will love the range of delicious, natural baby food by Little Freddie. Only Europe’s finest organic fruit and veggies are good enough for Little Freddie’s all natural Baby Oatmeals.
  • Little Freddie Puffs
    Feed your baby any time, any place with Little Freddie. It's 100% organic and full of vitamins and nutrient. Each puff is cooked and tested to guarantee it’s 100% pure
  • Niko Neko Matcha Houjicha
    Niko Neko Matcha™ aspires in serving the purest Matcha Green Tea from traditional tea farm in Kyoto Japan, showcased with unique aesthetic touch of contemporary and minimalist concept.
  • Tea Bird Christmas Tin Assorted
    Organic teas with actual health benefits that say what they do on the tin – reusable, snap lock shut packaging, with each label clearly stating the caffeine rating and the key health benefit on the pack sealer.
  • Pannetone
    An Italian yeast-leavened bread, traditionally eaten on holidays, usually made with raisins, candied fruit peels, almonds, and brandy.
  • Coles Christmas Sauce
    A pouring sauce of Christmas fruits and spices. Ideal with Mince Pies, Yule Logs and cakes.
  • Coney Island Popcorn
    Coney Island Kettle Corn is a sweet and salty treat that you can enjoy at snack time, movie night or at any time. This delicious Kettle Corn popcorn will take care of your sweet and salty snack cravings, and will leave you crunching for more.
  • La Fallera Paella Rice
    The small, short and round grain is distinguised from the other types by more than just its size. . This consistency of the grain in not bitter as a result of its unmatched qualities in flavour absorption, a fact that has brought BOMBA rice its much deserved reputation as the best paella rice.
  • Maxwell Williams Elemental 16 pieces Cutlery Set
    Elemental Cutlery is luxurious with a touch of drama. Made from stainless steel, the range is available in a selection of unusual metallic tones. 16 piece set. Gold and Bronze coloured coating.
  • Somersby Rose
    Somersby 'Sparkling Rose' is a refined semi-sweet apple rose cider that balances the flavor of juicy red berries with a refreshing floral aroma on the nose.
  • Sabatino Black Truffle Salt
    This Sicilian sea salt is mixed with dried summer truffles. You will enjoy discovering the many nuances of crunch and natural flavor that this truffle sea salt brings to your favorite dishes.
  • Sabatino Truffle Zest
    This truffle seasoning is great to use as a finish on any dish. Truffle Zest is a powdered spice blend that is gluten free, Non GMO, No MSG, and Allergen Free.
  • Germinal Organic Biscuits
    Tasty and organic biscuits that will allow you to enjoy the authenticity and the goodness of it’s ingredients. Embellishing every taste with a surprisingly delicious note.
  • Hofu Handmade Assorted Chips
    An artisanal gourmet snack product that strives on the usage of real ingredients for flavours that are the real deal! Our Premium Fish Skin, thick cut Potato Chips & Charcoal Nachos are carefully tossed with freshly infused herbed & spiced oils to ensure a memorable taste profile like no other!
  • TTL Bowl Noodles
    It’s not just an Instant Noodle, It is a MEAL by itself. Immediately enjoy this authentic essence of the Chinese noodles & savour it’s classic good taste instantly!
  • Haidilao Soup Base Assorted
    Base of from the famous steamboat chain restaurant Hai Di Lao Hot Pot, now you can serve their harmonious medley of piping hot soup in the comfort of your own home with their Soup Bases. With flavor selections for you to choose from such as Spicy Malak, tomato and more.
  • Golden Flower Wu Jia Pi Chiew
    A medicinal wine distilled from sorghum and more than 20 Chinese herbs such as wu chia pi, dried tangerine, prepared rhizome of rehmannia, Chinese angelica, liquor ices. The Golden Flower brand is a popular and traditional household name from the well-known Tianjin food and beverage manufacturer.
  • Annabel K Baby Puree
    Annabel’s delicious, nutritious Organic Baby Purees are inspired by her favourite home-cooked recipes. Each handy twist-top pouch contains nothing but pure, wholesome goodness to help give your baby the very best start in life.
  • Granola Geeks x Soluxe Protein Range
    This amazing chocolate bark thing that is so chocolatey and crunchy and incredibly moreish, which, by the way, would be our go-to word to describe this snack - “So pleasant to eat that one wants more”.
  • ViBERi - New Zealand Organic Crispy Blackcurrant Berries
    The entire ViBERi range is created from our finest, freshly picked New Zealand blackcurrants, with all the goodness of the blackcurrant packed inside thanks to snap freezing straight from the orchard. From the fertile soils under the shadow of New Zealand’s Southern Alps the organic ViBERi blackcurrants get their rich color, flavor and nutrients.
  • Samyang Sriracha Ramen
    Love Samyang Noodles and Sriracha Sauce? Now you can have Samyang's Latest Sriracha Flavoured Ramen!
  • Suzuran Baby Cotton Products
    Suzuran Baby specialises in non-allergenic and antibacterial baby cotton products which are best suited for newborn’s sensitive skin.
  • Biscoff Spread Smooth & Crunchy
    The famous Biscoff spread from Europe - the original smooth creamy sensation and the new crunchy version! Suit your every craving for the great taste of the classic Biscoff caramelized biscuits. Imagine the possibilities - use it on toast, in sandwiches or just enjoy right off the spoon.
  • Grumpy Mule Coffee Beans
    At Grumpy Mule they get excited about the uniqueness, variety and seasonality that only quality Arabica coffees can provide and that's something we hope you'll experience today. Grumpy Mule is: Traceable, Ethical, Sustainable and Arabica
  • Käfer Delicup Espresso
    Enjoy from an excellent mix of noble highland Arabica provenances. Spicy-flowery coffee character, topped by fine-pored aromatic crema.
  • Love Earth Organic Quinoa
    Is a protein-rich food which contains nine essential amino acids. It is also a great source of riboflavin. Helps to regulate the digestive system and to keep you fuller and more satisfied A lost twice as much fibre as most other grains
  • Love Earth Organic Spices
    Enjoy from a healthy selection of Love Earth’s organic spices, to spice up and flavor up your meals! Packed with rich nutrients, there are many uses and health benefits to these organic spices!
  • QBB Pure Ghee
    Q.B.B Pure Ghee is produced from Anhydrous Milkfat/ Butterfat of Australia’s Dairy Cows to give a golden crystalline product with NO salt, NO artificial colours and NO preservatives. Q.B.B Pure Ghee enhances the aroma and taste of food when cooking (including fry, grill, and roast), baking or bbq. Q.B.B Pure Ghee does not smoke, splutter or burn.
  • Crusty Truffle Salted Egg Fish Skin
    Crusty's Truffle Salted Egg Fish Skin
    Yes you heard that right! First in the world! Salted Egg Fish Skin, infused with quality Truffle seasonings! Try it once, finish it all!
  • Human Bean Co
    Human Bean Co
    Healthy Aussie Grown Faba Beans Snacks, born from the earth on our farm in Queensland. Air puffed to make them light, crunchy & delicious.
  • Story White Grape Elderflower drink
    Story – White Grape & Elderflower
    Natural Sparkling Fruit Pressés which are a delicious blend of natural fruit juice and sparkling mineral water bottled at the mineral water source here in the UK. White Grape & Elderflower is a simply remarkable combination of luscious white grape and English Elderflower which delivers a light and refreshing drink for any occasion. Store ambient and serve chilled - ALWAYS A PLEASURE
  • Chill Me Tim Tam
    Tim Tam in collaboration with Gelato Messina, presents to you a sweet delight that will leave you wanting more! Tim Tam Chocolate with a sensational fruity filling!
  • Quillo Chips
    The potatoes are fried to slow fire exclusively with eco extra virgin olive oil and are seasoned with sea salt from the Mediterranean Sea making it one of the most exclusive products in the world.
  • Rude Health Cornitas
    Enjoy healthy Rude Health Snacks with these flavoured cornitas! Have healthy Fiesta when you are starting to snacka!
    An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Grab your hands on your own golden bottle of 100% pure apple juice made from U.S.A.
    Eat, drink, bake and made into things, Medella Organic Extra virgin coconut oil 500ml can do it all. It is made from 100% fresh coconut and cold pressed to perfection. Grab your hands on one and enjoy its benefits.
  • Fackelmann set of 3 tinplate round cookie box
    Keep your Christmas cakes & cookies with Fackelmann special Christmas edition, tinplate round cookie box (set of 3).
  • Lees' meringue Nests
    Baking made easy with Lees' Fat free, Gluten free and versatile Meringue Nests. Perfect for every occasion for its light fluffy premium texture.
  • Robertson's Mincemeat
    A staple ingredient for mince pies and christmas cake. Robertson's vegan and gluten free mincemeat, is known for its mouthwatering mix of apple, dried fruits, candied peel & mixed spices.
  • Nature's Path Organic Cereal Assorted
    Breakfast, an important meal of the day. Start eating healthy with Nature's Path Organic gluten free, fat free and vegan cereal from Canada. Now comes in many assorted flavours.
  • Whole earth 3 nut butter / peanut butter
    Whole Earth sugar-free vegan 3 Nut Butter and peanut butter combines all the finest wholesome goodness of different nuts in a bottle.
  • Fox's Chocolatey Tin
    The Yorkshire biscuits that people love - Fox's Chocolatey Biscuits comes in a wide assortment of milk, white and dark chocolate coated biscuits to suit everyone's unique taste.
  • Larnaudie terrine de carnard
    A French delicacy for a light evening snack served with drinks. If you love duck, Larnaudie Terrine de Canard is your must buy as it has a more distinctive duck taste compared to Australian duck pate. Serve it with fresh crusty bread or pair it with a nice cheese platter.
  • Plantin White Truffle oil 100ml
    Give a hint of gourmet to any dish with Plantin White Truffle Oil 100ml. Only a few drops is enough to give any dish a subtle rich flavor. Perfect combination for mashed potatoes, pizza, pasta and salads.
  • Cooks & Co Pure Goose Fat 320g
    Make food look and taste interesting with Pure goose fat. Cooks & Co offer food lovers to get the perfect roast using goose fat. It is a versatile and great for cooking a wide range of roasted meats, vegetables and fried bread. Simply use in place of cooking oils to add extra flavor.
  • Walkers Rich Fruit Pudding
    Get an old British recipe of Walkers Traditional Rich Fruit Christmas Pudding. It's made with raisins, sultanas, candied peel, mixed spices and syrup. Convenient single serving size that is taste great when warmed in the microwave.
  • Big Sister Golden Fruit Cake
    Afternoon tea is not complete without light snacks or dessert. Feast your taste buds with an original recipe Big Sister Golden Fruit Cake. Baked to perfection with a premium array of fruit, including sultanas, citrus peel and glace cherries.
  • Nestle After Eight Tin
    Enjoy a great blend of sweet and minty treat with Nestle After Eight Mint Chocolate to take away any rich after taste meal. Now comes packed in a tin box.
  • Walkers mince pies
    Authentic Scottish mince pies for the perfect holiday treat. Every scrumptious shortbread shelled tart is filled of apple, currants, sultanas and candied citrus peel.
  • BARE snacks
    Start snacking on these sweet savoury assorted fruit chips by BARE. Now comes in 4 flavours – cinnamon apple, coconut, banana and fuji red apple chips
  • Califia almond milk
    Enjoy a cup of creamy and rich almond milk with only 60 calories and half the sugar per serving of regular whole milk, you'll smile from ear to ear. 
  • Pepperidge farm cubed herb seasoned stuffing / corn bread stuffing
    Pepperdidge farm cubed stuffing now comes in various flavors and seasoning to make your dish gratifyingly delicious.
  • Yogood glow parfait muesli *free glas jar pack
    Your daily nutritional source of protein and fibre is in a box of Yogood Glow Berries & Chia Parfait Muesli. It consists of honey toasted oats, cranberries, chia seeds, blueberries and oat bran which makes it cholesterol free as well. Now with every 2 pack, it comes with a free glass jar. 
  • Walkers wobbly snowman / santa/ robin tin
    Enjoy Walkers shortbread stars biscuits from the new Christmas edition of wobbly Snowman/ Santa Robin tin.  This wobbly Santa tin will make the perfect stocking filler for all the family or a great Christmas treat for your favorite teacher.
  • Parker's Organic Kombucha
    Quench your thirst with Parker’s organic kombucha from Australia. Comes in a variety of flavors to boost your immune system, energy and alkalisation of your body
  • Love Earth 10 Grain Rice
    Healthy life starts by eating organic Ten Grain rice that’s low fat with high fiber content.Best to be eaten as porridge everyday day. 
  • Lee Kum Kee gluten free soy sauce / organic soy sauce
    Create delicious dishes with Lee Kum Kee gluten free soy sauce or LKK organic premium soy sauce version that still provides you with the same rich flavor of regular soy sauce.  Made with non-GM soybeans and no preservatives added. 
  • Royal family sugar-free pineapple cake
    Enjoy each bite of Taiwan’s famous Royal Family sugar-free pineapple cake this Chinese New Year. Made with no artificial flavoring and sweeteners.
  • Royal Family Almond Cake Assorted
    Traditional Taiwanese almond cake by Royal Family, now comes in a variety of different flavors for you to try. Flavors you may want try are black sesame almond cake or a healthier option of brown rice almond cake.
  • Montea Cha Wang oolong (125gm)
    Chinese New Year does not fee right without a glass of freshly brewed aromatic Montea Cha Wang oolong chinese tea. It’s the perfect palette cleanser and thirst quencher. 
  • Cailifia farms cold brew coffee latte / double espresso
    Cailifia Farms Cold Brew coffee is made from 100% Direct Trade Arabica Beans deliciously mixed with smooth creamy plant-based almond milk. Come in various other flavors such as latte and double espresso that contains 80 calories per serving. 
  • thaitee (52011) pu er
    If you know someone that is a fan of chinese tea, then you should get this Thaitee pu er chinese tea cake. Smooth and aromatic scent of chinese new year will fill your room as you brew a cup of chinese tea
  • Haidilao soup base
    Get Singapore’s Haidilao popular soup base for your CNY steamboat or hotpot session with your friends and family. Comes in a wide variety of flavors from non-spicy to spicy mala and can serve up to 5 people per soup base packet. 
  • hexa salted egg powder
    Now you can create your own salted egg dish with HEXA salted egg powder. Made from real eggs leaving authentic and consistent taste throughout your cooking. Recipe video included with every packet. 
  • Sau Tao noodles
    Slurp down a bowl of Sau Tao noodles in celebration the day of the human (ren-ri) for longevity and healthy life. individual packed with sauce, 1 packet of noodle for 1pax portion. 
  • JIVA probiotic kombucha
    Drink down a bottle of refreshing JIVA probiotic kombucha. Helps not only in digestion but also contains high amino acids.Try out other flavors in stores today! 
  • Healthy Paradise Tahini Spread
    Spread something different on your toast. Get this dairy, gluten, and cholesterol free Healthy Paradise Tahini spread. Now comes in different varieties.
  • TTL Hua Diao Chicken Wine Noodle
    Are you wine lover? Now you can eat your wine with TTL Hua Diao Chicken Wine noodle.


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