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Offspring Baby Wipes 4 x 80s

Offspring’s Baby Wipes are plant-based and totally safe for those with sensitive skin. A baby’s skin is 6 times more delicate than an adult’s, which is why these wipes contain no unnecessary chemicals that will pose health risks on your child.

S-26 Gold Progress 1.8kg and S-26 Gold Promise 1.8kg

The new S-26 GOLD® PROGRESS® and S-26 GOLD® PROMISE® both with αlipids™, are now on promotion at B.I.G. during their Baby & Kids Fair. These formulas are scientifically advanced and supports lifelong learning and helps you nurture the exceptional in your child.

Messy Monkey’s Rice Puff Bar Assorted 6 x 16g

New in B.I.G. are these amazing Messy Monkey’s! These rice puff bars are made with grains of puffed rice and have chickpeas and puffed sorghum! Each bar has 12% of daily fibre needs for kids aged 4-8 and contains absolutely no artificial colours or flavours.

Brooklyn Lager/ East IPA Craft Beer 355ml

Craft beer culture have been an upcoming trend that is the new talk of the town. Brooklyn Lager/ East IPA Craft Beer 355ml is a clean drinkable IPS that is packed with flavour and offers a bold balance. It offers a blend of tradition and exuberance sets the standard of hop driven deliciousness.

Dairyworks Edam/ Tasty Cheese Sticks 200g

Tasty Natural Cheese Sticks are the perfect way to give kids a nutritious snack that they will love & actually eat. 1 packet contains 10 sticks that is gluten free, has no artificial colors or flavoring, suitable for vegetarians & is halal certified.

Chile Wholeblue Mussel 1kg

Chilean Wholeblue mussel are a delicacy in Chile and here. The best way to enjoy these mussels is to baked it with cheese or make them into a soup broth.

La Mole Its Pizza Oven Baked Bread Assorted 100g

Snacking done right! La Mole Its Pizza Oven Baked Bread is super crispy and thin oven baked slices of bread enriched an array of different pizza ingredients. Now comes in Marinara, Siciliana & Focaccia.

Coppola Powersup Assorted 350g

Take a healthy break with Coppola Powersup natural vegan soup. POWERSÛPs are vegan, gluten-free, have no added sugar or sweeteners and provide 3 – 4 portions of soup from 1 bottle

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