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Mediterranean Beef Burger

Yields1 ServingPrep Time12 minsCook Time8 minsTotal Time20 mins

Thick juicy beef patties from Barn Butchery, topped with tasty roasted red peppers and Emborg Danish Feta cheese. It's a blast of Mediterranean flavours in a bun!

 125 g Beef Burger Patty
 ¼ cup roasted red peppers, chopped
 1 tsp Drogheria & Alimentari Medi Salt Mill Grinder
  tsp Drogheria & Alimentari Black Pepper Corns Mill
 2 Hamburger Buns
 Emborg Danish Feta, to taste
 Fresh Arugula
 Al'Fez Harissa Hot Chilli Paste

1. Grill patty until cooked. Add in salt and pepper to taste.
2. Grill hamburger buns until golden brown.
3. Serve burger on buns and top burger with crumbled feta cheese, roasted red peppers and fresh arugula.
4. Top with Al’Fez Harissa hot chilli paste for an extra spicy kick.

Nutrition Facts

Servings 1