MAY, 2017


What better way to start your weekend BY going to a grocery store with your kids? I don’t know if you remembered, but what excites you when you were younger? Your birthday party? When you first got a new puppy? Or Christmas? Because for me, it was definitely going to the grocery store with my mom.

Though as a kid, my mum would think I wouldn’t know much about the grocer besides running to the candy aisle and pick my favorite candy. To me, it was all about the colors of the veggies and fruits, and the crazy crowd always gets to me.

Not to forget, the sampling!! How can we forget about the amazing food serving along the way we stroll our cart? The best thing that has ever happened to me is seeing those ladies giving out testers! They are so friendly and generous with the amount of tester they serve. I mean.. come on, that was a good marketing strategy because I would make my mum buy me some of those testers that I’ve tasted. I was once a fatty kid, so don’t judge.

In fact, we all love going for a grocery shopping because nothing beats a good environment like that. Plus, supermarket these days provide baby stroller for kids, it is a lot more convenient then you think. Kids would love to explore the supermarket then just sitting in the house playing with their I-Pads. So, why not bring your kids out to learn some general knowledge because grocery will always be the best place to learn our fruits and vegetables.

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