What's In Season : Seeka Sweet & Exotic Red Kiwi Fruit

New Zealand’s best-known for their kiwi. This months what in season has flown all the way from New Zealand to you! All the kiwi fruits in the market cannot be compared to Seeka’s Exotic and Sweet Red Kiwi Fruit. 

This red fruit had a sweet taste, similar to the SunGold variety, but with a “berry twist”! Compare to the gold and golden or yellow kiwi’s, red kiwi’s tend to ripened faster, especially at ambient temperatures. Therefore it is best to keep it refrigerated in Malaysia’s weather. 

Seeka’s Red Kiwi Fruit is simply delicious and very easy to peel compared to other kiwis, as the skin is much softer however the fruit itself is very firm making it much easier to use a spoon to scoop out the fruit. 

Some might ask, how to peel a kiwi the right and easy way? Here is how we peel a kiwi the B.I.G. way. 

Step 1: Cut half an inch of the kiwi top and bottom.

Step 2: Take a tablespoon and insert it right between the fruit and peel.

Step 3: Gently turn the spoon around the kiwi and gently pull out the flesh from the peel. 

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